Malazan Book of the Fallen

I wasn’t too impressed with Gardens of the Moon, probably in part because I read it shortly after a GRRM marathon. I LOVED the Duiker storyline in Deadhouse Gates, but didn’t find the rest very interesting. Nearly all the characters seemed flat.

Does the series get better?

Yeah. I’m halfway through the book myself - I bought it after seeing it recommended repeatedly on this board - and I’m not all that impressed. The characters aren’t that fleshed out, and they’re so busy plotting against each other that they forgot to give me a reason to care. Plus, the cosmology is overly complex and obscure, and the naming, by and large, sucks.

Still, I’ll probably finish it, because Erikson seems to have some writing talent. I’m just not sure it’s a series I should really invest myself in.

I had to read Gardens twice to appreciate it. Long on plot, short on characterization. Or maybe short on the kind of characterization we’re used to, in fantasy books. I think it’s refreshing, the (relative) lack of thinking deeply about themselves.

I agree about the naming, and the cosmology could use some more explanation. But I’m still fascinated by these books.

Deadhouse Gates will get you more emotionally invested in the characters, especially Duiker.

Sorry if I was unclear. I did read Deadhouse Gates. Duiker was excellent, but the other 600ish pages had little redeeming value. It probably didn’t help that I pictured Paris Hilton as Felisin :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there much Duiker-like plot from Memories of Ice onward?

Paris Hilton!?!? Geez, I’m surprised you made it through the book. I’ve been picturing her as Wynona Ryder.

Duiker-like plot in MOI? Sorry to say, no.

Am I the only one that doesn’t know what a “Duiker-like plot” is?

Not that I didn’t like his part of the book, but Duiker was just someone who watched Coltaine. He didn’t really have much of a plot himself, IMO, except for survivor’s guilt over surviving the Chain of Dogs - and it’s not like that exactly lasted too long, if you know what I mean.

I’m not sure I understand why Fiddler and Kalam don’t get much mention from you.

MoI basically follows Gruntle (a new character), Toc The Younger (you saw him for a bit in Gardens), and the Bridgeburners.

Personally, the only character I really can’t stand in the series is Silverfox. She really irritates the shit out of me.


I interpreted Duiker-like plot as a plot with a sympathetic character who also acts as an observer/commentator. I liked encountering Duiker because I knew questions would be answered. He wasn’t all oblique and stuff.

That’s how I’m remembering it, which might be totally wrong. :smiley: