Malcolm in Middle: What's the word for nerd?

Hi. I came on here to ask another question, but just thought of this one, too.

I was the youngest boy in a family of all boys, so when I get a chance to see “Malcolm in the Middle” – which isn’t often because I don’t have cable and I’m not up late usually – I think it’s the funniest thing on wheels. It’s so true to life, and very surreal, at the same time.

Anyway, my question is, what’s the word they use for the nerdy kids Malcolm hangs out with?

I can’t seem to catch it. I think it starts with C.

If anyone knows, please tell me so it won’t drive me crazy next time I see the show. Maybe they explain it in the back history, but all I see is reruns.



Also spelled “Krelboyne” — as in Seymore Krelboyne, Audrey II’s nerdy caretaker in Little Shop of Horrors.

Oh, right! Thank you!

:smack: I knew the word but never made the connection to Seymour.

IIRC, I remember reading an interview with the creator or producer or something of the series in which he pointed out that in the show’s mythology, the special class was founded by a man named Krelboyne. Of course, as was pointed out, the real reference is the fact that he shares this name with the protagonist of Little Shop of Horrors.

The character in the Little Shop stage show and subsequent musical movie is Seymour Krelborn. It surprises me that they’d prefer the original’s spelling.

Legal hint: The original movie is in the public domain. :wink:

Aha! Once again, the SDMB comes through as the source of an answer for something I’d wondered about, but never thought to actually look for an answer for. Thanks.