Malcolm in the Middle Title Sequence...

I was wondering for any anime fans out there that watch Malcolm in the Middle if they could identify the 2 snippets of anime footage in the title sequence. One is of a blue haired nutty looking guy laughing in the rain and the other is a skateboarding kid getting surprised by something.

I thought I knew which one it was but in watching it over the weekend, I found it was not the one I thought it was.
Any ideas? :confused:

I personally was wondering what the live-action clip is of a kid’s head being closed over a robot-head—or is it the opposite? It zings by so fast.

According to IMDb, the animation clips shown briefly during the opening credits are from the Japanese anime Nazca.

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It’s Nazca, a truly awful show. It was just being released in the US when the show started and my guess is whoever did the openning sequence asked for something current.