Male cat with high pitched meow

My neutered tom has a very high pitched meow. Is that normal? My other kitty is a spayed female. Her meow is much lower than his.

I find this very amusing.

You have a castrato cat? That’s so cool! Maybe you got the repair job done too early, but I know it’s really easy to know when the time has come.

Your other cat hasn’t grown a femullet and bought a motorcycle, has she? Just asking. :smiley:

And does she need two pairs of Birkenstocks?

I once had a neutered male siamese whose vocal chords were damaged when he was intubated for surgery. His meow was high pitched and very soft. He didn’t talk much. When he did, he always looked embarrassed.

We have a male Maine Coon cat who has a little “meep” for a meow. Sounds pretty silly coming from an 18lb furball.

My male “Saudi” cat has a high pitched yeowl. Then at times it changes to more of a bass yeowl. (we think he’s calling for prayer :slight_smile: )

A friend of mine once had a male cat of the eighteen-pound-furball variety who was a practitioner of the silent meow. He’d open up his mouth, but no sound would issue. It was incredibly amusing, especially when you would pick up the comb (which he loved) and he would try his darndest to meow repeatedly.

Our 15 pound male tuxedo has a short bird-like chirp, when he makes a sound at all. On the other hand, when he sees the cat poltergeist and begins his mile-a-minute sprint throughout the house his low, deep-throat howl can peel paint on the outside of the house. Not bad considering he’s an indoor cat only, just like his older brother and twin sister.

I have a female cat that looks like a siamese, except she’s a little brawnier and has tabby markings on her face, front legs, and tail (they’re so faint that from a distance you’d swear she was a siamese). I think I’ve heard her meow once, the rest of the time she’s silent. Her brother OTOH. . .

This was the same for our Chartreux.

20 lb neutered male cat named Marmalade, my nickname for him, Squeaky Soprano because of his puny little 6 oz “ah-ow!” meow.

My sister’s first cat was a very small (~6lb) unspayed female with a voice like a leopard. She could yowl, growl, grunt, chirp, chatter, and even meow. At one point she and the cat had to stay with me for a couple months and the cat went into heat, complete with nonstop plaintive howling. Even with all doors/windows in the house closed you could hear that little noise machine clear across the block (it was like having a headache for 2 weeks)

Our 20lb orange tom is the same. He has a high-pitched squeak that’s more like a feline bark than anything – he doesn’t really meow in the manner of most cats, just short yips. He wasn’t neutered early though – in fact, he was neutered late, as he still has those humping urges.

My two boys have very sweet meows. One was neutered as a kitten and the other at about 3 years old. I’m not sure what his meow sounded like before the neutering, as I acquired him at the surgery.

My ex’s neutered tom has a meow reduced to a mere squeak, but she thinks it may be more to do with his isolated upbringing as a kitten. Not having other cats around to hear them meow, he settled on a squeak.

My boyfriend’s brother has a cat who meeps instead of meows. His name? Beeker.