Male/Female Relationships and clothes

Hi everyone,

I’m read the boards a lot and have seen that in some cases in a marriage the wife will buy her husband’s clothes for him. I was wondering if anyone does the opposite.

In my marriage, I definately prefer to go clothes shopping with my husband because of his keen fashion sense. There has been many cases when he has picked something out for me and although initially skeptical, it looks really good once I try it on! He has about a 95% success rate in this.

Except for tee-shirts, socks and underware, I rarely buy him other clothes because he’s so much better at it.

I was wondering if anyone else has had experiences like this? (BTW, I’d be curious about any male-femal relationship where this apples–not just married couples)

If my husband accompanies me on a shopping trip to buy clothes (for me), we will buy something nice. If I go alone, I will either return empty-handed or with a couple of thrift shop items. The difference is that he is willing to spend what new clothes cost and I have trouble with it.

Not married but with the previous Mrs. MeanJoe and pretty much all past relationships there has always been The Gift Exception - clothes. I was to never buy clothes for the other person.

Now, not to give the wrong impression here - I have excellent tastes in clothes and I would frequently be asked to go clothes shopping with girlfriends/wife. I don’t mind going, really! I was always told that my taste was excellent, I provide good feedback on items they picked out, and I would pick out good stuff to try.

Clothes, I think, are just too difficult to buy for another person. Yes, you may get the style right, or the color right, and the size right. However, fit is everything and the right size, color, and style may still not “hang” on the person in a complimentary way.

Oh, and I got around the rule by buying larger dollar gift cards and setting a “shopping date”. :slight_smile:

One of the things I miss about my ex-husband is that he’s an excellent shopper, whereas I hate shopping intensely. I could turn him loose in a department store and he’d come back with an armload of stuff and 95% of it would fit well, look nice and have flattering colors while I was still scratching my head over where the hell the decent pants might be.

As perplexing to me as it is, me and my fiance have the very situation you describe.

Apparently, whenever she drags me to the women’s clothing stores with her, I manage to pick out stuff that she gets complimented on, and that she loves, etc…

I apparently pick out good clothes for myself as well… better than she does, anyway.

Like I said, I’m very perplexed, because in my own head, I’m one step from wearing jumpsuits around like an old man, just because they’re comfortable, and I don’t care what others think.

I do know how to tell when clothes fit people correctly, so maybe that’s 80% of the “buying nice looking clothes” battle.

I have a similar experience to bump, except that I can’t pick out my own clothes. The outfits that my wife gets the most compliments on are the ones that I picked out to push her own sense of fashion.

But I hate clothes shopping for myself. I have no sense of male fashion. So she’ll usually buy such things for me.