Male Gay Bar Etiquette

Supervenusfreak, versatile is word that describes liking both. I have met versatile folk who have a preference for one or the other. You are spreading misinformation in this instance.

As for the original question, in a gay bar to find out what someone is into you simply have to talk to them. Assumptions on what one likes to do in bed are rarely accurate. I have met total top drag queens and total bottom jocks.

so I guess a supervenus would be quite into 3-somes then?

Quite. :wink:

Speaking from personal experience, jayjay?

Well, considering that supervenusfreak is taking a nap upstairs in our bed at this very moment, yeah. :smiley:

Well sure, but he’s one and you’re two and the question was about threes…

Just trust me. There have been threes. :wink: