Male Lactation in Humans: A Bizarre and Humorous Query

I’ve been told by reputable sources that it is possible to induce lactation in male humans. This produced a thought: Are such efforts either easier or more fruitful if the male human in question has large breasts?

Well, nothing much came of my query (other than the fact that “Milk my chesticles” is now a firmly rooted injoke among a few of my friends and relatives), so I decided to ask the source of all knowledge (namely, you lot).

If the above isn’t interesting enough, here are a few related ones: What causes manboobs? Is it fat, or something else? Do women with larger breasts produce more milk?

The Master speaks:

“Manboobs” are usually just fat. And there is no correlation between the size of a woman’s breasts and the amount of milk she can produce: that’s determined by the number of milk glands; breast size is determined by the amount of fat.

Yes, that would be the reputable source I mentioned. Though I believe I’ve also heard that a woman’s breast size is not determined by the amount of fat, but by other things, which may or may not include the size or number of milk-producing apparatus. Which is one of the interesting factoids that led me to ask my original question, since if large breasts on women are composed of things other than fat, it stands to reason that the same might be true of men.

If you mean men who have enlarged “breasts” due to obesity or bodybuilding, then no.

If you’re talking about men who have enlarged breasts due to hormonal imbalances, then maybe.

I’m talking about men who have large breasts. I’m trying to find out both possible causes for this, and whether or not it would affect the ease with which one would induce such men to lactate. Apparently it would in the latter case but not the former, which makes sense.
Although men with large breasts due to bodybuilding would also have large breasts composed of “things other than fat”, come to think of it. Just not anything useful.

The term for enlarged male breasts is gynecomastia.

Lactation is rare in men, even when they have gynecomastia and/or elevations of the lactation hormone called prolactin. This happens (or should I say fails to happen) unless the breasts have been “primed” by estrogen (the female hormone).

So the answer to the question of “Do manboobs enhance male lactation capability?” is “In some cases, probably.”

Seems good enough, I suppose, though I’d be really amused to see if anyone’s done a study on it.