Mall Roof Collapsed, Kills One

From the yahoo news site.

Also a link to our local newspaper. (If you are looking at the link anytime other than today you will have to click on “Past Top Stories”.)

This story really bothers me. I have no idea why but for some reason when I hear of someone who dies on the job it truly upsets me. Not that others types of accidents are any less tragic, but I hate to hear about people who die while at work. Perhaps it is the fact that they are away from family at the time and there were no goodbyes. Maybe it just reinforces for me the fact that anything can happen, anytime and anywhere. I just can’t fathom someone I love heading off to work in the morning and never coming home. I know many people have many close friends in the workplace and some of my closest and longest lasting friendships are with people I met when I worked, but it still seems like such an impersonal place to die in.
I don’t know if this woman had a SO in her life or had children. I do not know the people in her life that are mourning for her, those who will miss her and cry for her as a person.

I don’t know what it is about on the job deaths that bother me so much but when I heard about this one I just cried.
Am I just morbid and strange?

I also wondered when they said that legal action was being looked into. Who would the family (if that who is looking into it…it did not say it was them) sue in this case? I assume the mall and the company that inspected the roof the day before it collapsed, but what about Hallmark? Would they be help responsible for something like this even though they only rent space?

I suppose this post is a bit of a holiday downer but as I don’t see my family much throughout the year I plan on hugging every single one of them extra long and hard on Christmas Day.

Eh, the Yahoo link says story is no longer available.

Here’s from the Sarnia Observer. It’s the same link as in Jawofech’s OP click on Past Top Stories on the left to get to the whole story.

So, she died? I’m sorry to hear that. :frowning:

No way is Hallmark going to be held responsible for this. It’s the Orlando Corporation’s ass in a sling, for sure. The article says they’ve had problems with the roof leaking under its weight of snow and water all week. Durn tootin’ there’s gonna be a BIG lawsuit. So maybe that’ll be some consolation to this woman’s family, if any.

Hmmm…don’t know why that first link would be expired as it was from today’s news on Yahoo. Regardless, I should have tried the link after posting it. Sorry.

If you click on “Past Stories” at the link it is an earlier version of the story. If you click on “Today’s Top Story” it has an updated release of the story.

I don’t think so, unless I am, too. I remember to this day a story a few years back of a fellow that was heading to work. He stopped at a red light, and a crane that was loading things onto a truck next to the road toppled over and crushed his car. Just a totally random, freak accident, just one of those wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time moments. It truly horrified me, and has stuck with me all these years. I guess it’s just the fleeting nature of life. Death can come at the least expected moment, in the least expected way and that’s scary.

The troubling aspect is probably the realization that nobody is ever ‘safe’.

If the friggin ROOF can fall in in a Hallmark card store…

Well, if there IS a god - he has one sick sense of humor.