'Mallard Fillmore' cartoonist does not understand satire, apparently


How bizarre that a cartoonist would not “get” that the cartoon was not meant to deceive the reader into thinking it was a genuine example of the strip, but was satire.

Or is it not as obvious as seemed to me? Did anybody read the ‘Daily Show’ book and think that was a genuine Mallard Fillmore cartoon and not a satire? How about the Doonesbury cartoon before it, was that not obvious satire?

It was obviously satire, and he knows it. But he wants his fans, most of whom are unlikely to have read America, to believe otherwise.

Hadn’t thought of that, could be.

I opened this thread to specifically mention the cartoon in the Daily Show book, having no idea that’s what the link was about.

“Oops, I forgot to tell a joke!”

I just looked up that comic.

Yes. It’s an obvious parody. Extremely obvious. On the third consecutive page of political cartoon parodies. Right under an equally vicious Doonesbury parody, so he can’t even claim partisan bias on that page. The only possible confusion I can see is that someone might think that Tinsley was pking fun of himself as a joke. Whatever. At least he could say he didn’t make it, unlike his fellow “victims” Nast and Schultz.

Can someone post a copy or a transcript of the “offending” strip, so we can see what this guy’s got his knickers in a knot over?

The guy who draws Mallard Filmore also doesn’t understand humor, either, judging by his strip.

Panel 1: Mallard passes a factory reading a newpaper.
“Liberals want to tie the hands of industry with more environmental legislation.”

Panel 2: Mallard clutches a paper
“Why must we punish our most productive citizens with an income tax?”

Panel 3: Mallard points to self
“Oops! I forgot to tell a joke!”

Well, Mallard Fillmore has always been a joke-free zone. Rush Limbaugh (who can be very funny and scathing) is much better, but Tinsley is merely content to just keep repeating “Liberals are stupid.”

What’s even more clueless is that Tinsley is saying exactly the same thing the Bill O’Reilly said about Al Franken’s book, and it comes off as though he’s satirizing O’Reilly’s complaints.

Gotta love the huge nose Tinsley drew for Jon Stewart. I wonder why he would make Stewart’s nose so huge? Must be because Jon’s Irish.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal prints Tinsley’s strip daily, and they usually try and make sure it’s juxtaposed with Doonesbury, thereby offering a “right” slant to counter Trudeau’s “left” slant.

Tinsley is never funny; it’s the comics page equivalent of having Rush Limbaugh scream one of his trademark catchphrases at the public over and over and over and over…

Hence the last panel: “Oops! I forgot to make a joke!”

A new Daily Show is coming on in a minute. On one hand I hope they tear Tinsley a new one. On the other hand that’s like wailing on a crippled kid.

Why on Earth did he (meaning the Mallard Filmore cartoonist) wait until now to do this? America: the Book has been out since September 2004; where has he been? Where have those emailing fans of his been, too?
[sub]Not even commenting on the idiocy of the guy’s complaints. :rolleyes: [/sub]

Well, you have to keep in mind – he’s only got three fans, and they’ve all been on vacation.

No ass handing to from the Daily Show. Yet.

[Doffs hat] Much obliged!

So he has his knickers in a knot over shit all. Good one.

I’ve never seen the “America” book, so I had no idea what Tinsley was complaining about.

As it is, it sounds like Tinsley was griping about nothing, and is merely making himself look silly in the process. Kind of like the people complaining that the Jon Stewart caricature is anti-semitic.

Look, Bruce Tinsley is almost never funny, but he’s a superb caricaturist (something no one could ever say about Garry Trudeau). For that very reason, I’ve often wished he could hook up with someone who could write him some funny material.

So, if it upsets you that the pictures of Jon Stewart showed him as an ugly dweeb with a hook nose, guess what? It’s because Jon Stewart IS an ugly dweeb with a hook nose!

Just like the leprechaun in this Nazi children’s book… oh wait…

Oh, Stewart can’t let this one pass. I’m surprised the ADL hasn’t screamed bloody murder over such a blatant physical stereotype of… uh… “New York Liberals”.

Please tell me this is a Whoosh.
This is Stewart’s nose in Mallard Fillmore.

Which does it resemble more?

A. The nose on the Nazi Propaganda calling Jews evil


B. Jon Stewart’s real nose

Cue Jeopardy theme

PS- THIS JUST IN: Historians have revealed that the foreward by Thomas Jefferson in America the Book is a forgery! As evidence they point to the fact that Thomas Jefferson in fact died more than a century and a half before Halle Berry’s first movie, and yet he mentions her!