Malrboro Miles and Tobacco Settlement Restrictions

(This was posted earlier, but it was suggested that we might see better results with a more precise subject line, I apologize if this is the incorrect manner to do this.)

Last night I was paging through the new Marlboro catalog (nonsmokers: you can trade in UPC symbols from packs of smokes for merchandise). They have a cookbook available in this addition, but it had the oddest footnote. In small print it stated that this cookbook was not avaiable in Minnesota, Florida, and a couple of other states. On the back page it indicated that this was due to an agreement made with the attorney generals of these states (as part of a settlement deal, I assume).

Now, none of the other items contained this discalaimer - even the smoking-related items such as lighters and ashtrays. Why is the cookbook the only item not allowed by these agreements? Are smokers not allowed to enjoy a good homecooked meal in these states?

Sorry I don’t have anything to add to the OP. Curious, though. My question back to you Gazoo, is where did you get the catalog, and do you if there is an on-line version. I searched and searched but found nothing. Can you send in real cabbage to make up for short miles? I quit smoking a few months ago, but still have my collection. Sorry for the aside…. Good luck getting an answer.

As a WAG - maybe there was something in the settlement that prohibited written materials that may be construed as pro-smoking? Maybe smoker’t tastebuds are so shot that they are banned because it isn’t nice to tease people? God, to have a smoke after a good meal… I miss that. Maybe that is why… keeping the temptation away!

I received one in the mail. I’m sure on their mailing list for any of the offers they send out. Prior to getting it in the mail, I looked on the net too but couldn’t find anything and the catalog doesn’t list any web site. That, I imagine, has something to do with the settlement as well. They are also much more strict about the age requirement. You used to just sign the form saying you were over 18. Now you have to make a copy of your ID proving it.

I don’t think you can make up for mileage shortage with cash, but don’t quote me. You can probably find a toll free number somewhere for them that would answer that question and get you a catalog. (If you call, ask about the cookbook thing too!)

I just went over to the convenience store for a break and they had catalogs for Basic brand cigarettes (also made by Phillip Morris). I just skimmed through it and didn’t see any of the odd restrictions found in the Marlboro catalog for the cookbook.

Two items caught my eye though. First, all of the “offers” available in the Basic catalog are void in Kansas for some reason. Second, the Basic catalog even has certificates for $10 off your next carton of Basics but that has no warning about not being available due to the settlement with certain states. I don’t get it. You can get more smokes for smoking, but not a damn cookbook??

(And I have no idea why I can just get a Basic Catalog at the convenience store, but the Marlboro one appears much more difficult to find.)

Gazoo, why don’t you just call your friendly neighborhood P.M. Customer service rep? I’m sure they could answer your uestion much quicker and more efficiently than we ever could hope to.


(GaWd, I was on the phone as you replied)

Well, I just spent some time getting an 800 number for Phillip Morris and then waiting to get to an actual person on the automated telphone system.

Here’s the answer – The settlement agreement Phillip Morris made with 5 states includes a provision that after December 31, 1999 they will not give away any “branded mechandise.” Apparently the cookbook was printed before the settlement, and it has “Marlboro” written on the cover, thus it can’t be given to people in those states.

I still question how they can give away the certificates for free Basics then, but I guess they fall under coupon instead of merchandise.

So, say goodbye (and, IMHO, good riddance) to Marlboro T-shirts and Hats from what I can figure. Although, as my customer service rep pointed out, they now just use a sun & moon emblem instead of actual branding. How this is all preventing kids from taking up smoking I’ll never know.

Before I quit smoking a couple years ago, I saved those UPC’s and got quite a collection of Merit paraphenalia - a sweatshirt, coffee cup, and a tool set.

I hindsight, I maybe should have save up another 2000 packs to get the Merit Ultra Lights Iron Lung.

Gazoo: Thank you so much for this thread. I, as a resident of Minnesota, was pissed when I couldn’t get that cookbook. So I got the atlas instead, for my dad. Now I know why, although it still sounds pretty pointless to me. Anyway, thanks.

I was clueless to the crackdown on tobacco advertising brought forth by this lawsuit. But, all in all, it sounds good to me. No product placement in movies, tv shows, etc. No more billboards or transit ads. no major league sports affilitations. no apparel or misc. items with logos. Interesting stuff.