Malware Bytes - A quick question

I’ve been using Malware bytes as a scanner for awhile and it works good. I plan to purchase it. That gives me the option to run the realtime protection.

Anyone have experience doing this? Is it a big memory or cpu hog? How well does it coexist with Norton anti virus? I have the corporate version 10.1.

I also have spyware doctor installed. I only use it as a file scanner. I’ve tried the online module and it uses over 320 meg of memory! :eek: Heck XP with firefox running only uses 450 meg for everything. :slight_smile: I’ve tried letting it run and it always locks up my notebook pc after a couple days. Anyway, I only start spyware doctor long enough to scan the files and then it’s shutdown. It does a good job removing cookies.

I don’t have spybot installed anymore. It seems to obsolete to mess with. Plus the online module (tea timer) definitely conflicts with norton.

So, does Malware bytes play nice on your computer? Does it seem effective? Has it ever blocked something and saved your computer?

I wonder if I should stop malware bytes before starting spyware doctor?

I know this isn’t what you asked, but word of advice, if you are using this for your HOME ONLY, don’t bother buying it. The non-commerical version is good enough. If you’re a business or a home user running a large network then, yeah OK you’ll might benefit from the commercial business.

But I guess if you like their product you could buy it. I’m just saying for the normal home only user, the extra “real time” protection isn’t needed.

With that said, look here in the forums at Malwarebytes

The posters overthere seem to indicate around 30mb to 45mb on average for real time

I have been debating whether Malware bytes will help with real time protection.

Let’s face it, usually when a pc goes into an infected web site it’s probably too late. Unless, Malware bytes is very effective at blocking whatever the spyware/malware is trying to do.

I’m curious to hear other users experience.

I run spyware doctor on 2 machines:
My lowend PentiumCore2 with Win7x64 and 4GB of ram runs it with no problem.
My girlfriends 4 year old Dell with XP and IIRC 2 GB ram is virtually non-functioning after turning it on.

Oh and I just had her download malwarebyte because she got hit by the CleanUp trojan. At that point I realized that to make her machine run better, she turned off Spyware Doctor. :smack:

Over 11,000 infections. Most were cookies and malwarebytes saved the day.

When I had a root kit problem, MBAM saved my computer. It fought off infections as Norton was disabled and bought me time until customer support helped me clean my computer. After that, I was thinking about get the real-time version of MBAM. However, Norton recommended against it, as having too many real-time scanners supposedly lowers your protection rather than increases it as they can conflict. Here’s my post on it: This was with version 3, I don’t know about the new version 4. However,you can head over to the Malwarebytes’s forum and ask them: