Malware(?) redirects from SDMB

Per requests in the malware sticky:

  1. I just got hit by a redirect to “upgradienk”. This follows several redirects over a few days to bullshit ‘upgrade your Java’ sites that I thought were coming from my machine, but in retrospect were coming from here as they were only ever from SDMB pages, and I subsequently came up clean after deep scans with MalwareBytes, SpyHunter and MSE (going to check with Sophos rootkit checker and will report back if that was the problem).

URL: (truncated)��&marketing_fid=MTM5NjgxNTA5NS05YTkzZDAyMjgwOGY2ZmZhY2FiNzU1ZDM4NDcwNzMwNw

  1. Time of occurence: GMT+2 22.15. Location: Italy. Windows 7 (up-to-date SPs). Chrome version 33.0.1750.154. Running MSE.

  2. SDMB page.

  3. No screenshot, sorry. Added info though, at least one other board seems to have been hit by the same thing today.

I’m getting these this morning.

As a workaround, turning off JavaScript seems to stop it.

I’ll send this on upstairs. Sorry this happened.

It’s no biggie for me, just wanted to let you know.