Mammogram recall

So I went for my mammogram recall yesterday (Doc had said, “Don’t lose any sleep over it, there is an assymetry, there is no sign of cancer.”)

With a smaller (6"?) square paddle, two on the right one on the left. Uh oh, the one on the left didn’t take long enough, better do it over, hold your breath again!

Wait a few minutes in the cubicle.

Now must do two more on the right with the little round paddle.

Wait a few minutes in the cubicle.

Must do an ultrasound of the right one.

Wait a few minutes in the ultrasound room.

Okay, you can leave now. He (radiologist who reads all the data?) will dictate a report to your doctor. He should get it Monday afternoon.

Okay, so my breasts are really dense and I guess it’s hard to get them flattened out enough to see things clearly. So I shouldn’t really worry, right?

The technician was really nice. She told me to go treat myself to something. Well, I treat myself to something all day long, so it’s hard to treat myself with something more. More ice cream! More candy!


I had mine this week.

Everything is fine. I don’t have to go back for another year. But damn, they can squish those things hard!