Man arrested for threatening to kill Mayor of Wichita because of city mask law

Are threats of violence over COVID restrictions becoming more common?

I don’t recall any at all from last year.

I think about the number of laws under which we all live, and how we still enjoy more freedoms than almost any other nation in the world.

But this is the line ? This is the line between freedom and tyranny ?

Is that laid out in some book somewhere ? I’d like to understand it better.

It’s not primarily about the masks.

Have any of the targets of these maskaphobic nuts been Republicans? This guy (the mayor of Wichita) and Wisconsin governor Gretchen Whitmer are Democrats. Governors Larry Hogan and Jim Justice (Maryland and West Virginia respectively) have repeatedly mandated masks and shutdowns, and I don’t know of any threats against them.

Are there counter examples?

The Michigan governor is Gretchen Whitmer, the Virginia gov Northam was also targeted in that plot. I haven’t heard if Wisconsin gov was targeted. The Illinois governor also received threats.

My mistake—Whitmer is of course the governor of Michigan.

No, but for balance, all of the perpetrators have been!