Man Cave Question

Guys, if you have a man cave or even want one, what “theme” would you have it be?

For example some men is sports, others cars, others some hobby like fishing or pinball machines.

Ladies, if a man in your life has one, what is his theme?

True man caves do not have themes. They simply exist in the form that follows their function as an extension of the man.

My man cave? It’s a chalet with a ski lift chair, a dozen pairs of skis, some kayak and canoe paddles, clothing, tents, back country equipment etc., a library, a full size Heintzman, a classical guitar, tools, tools and more tools, a long desk, a computer and a ceiling mounted monitor, a bed, a drum table and a couple of wing chairs. That’s not a theme – that’s just a man cave.

I mostly agree with this. My man cave has primitive archery gear hanging on the walls and some artwork along with projects in progress adorning the workbenches and leaning on walls. I don’t entertain much besides myself, I love my man cave.

My man cave in Seattle had a Linotype and thousands of pounds of associated parts, tools and matrices. And a nice stereo and couch. Took up the better part of 400 square feet. Lots of old maps up on the walls.

The new place in Santa Barbara is much smaller and still quite spare. But the centerpiece is a motorcycle, so that’s a good start.

Mine, if I were so lucky, would be like the library out of an historic London townhouse; bookshelves lining the walls, leather chairs, and a large desk (something like this). It would include a collection of antique technical tools and instruments, like sextants, astrolabes, and a Curta calculator.

The man cave is not the same as the workshop, though. I’d need another room for actually building stuff.

My grandfather’s man cave was built into the side of a river bank underneath his house, with barn doors and a trail for vehicle access and an open-air oil pit, a dirt floor, three tool walls, a wood stove, an armchair, and in the back corner exposed to the rest of his man cave and river flowing by, the only flush toilet in the neighbourhood, so he not only had all the comforts of home, he had a comfort that the other homes did not have.

This. It’s not a man cave if it has a theme.

If I was making my dream man cave it would just be a bar, drinks, a bartender, bar food, pool table, arcade games, lots of TVs, and customers. Since I don’t want to own a bar I think I’ll just keep using the ones that already exist.

Literally a cave.

If you ever find yourself in Auburn California, you can pick something up for your Man Cave at the Man Cave store. When I was there I snagged a Laser Disc of The Kids Are Alright to display in my Man Cave for $10.

Another vote yes. A man cave doesn’t have a theme. It just has the stuff that’s inside it.

I would have loved to have seen this. Is it still there?

I have a study with a shit ton of books, some art works which amuse me, and a small wet bar for martinis.

My whole house is a man cave. The theme is empty beer bottles.

Nope. Torn down and grassed over now. It and his parent’s home/barn were on the same lot. His nephew inherited the home/barn, so my uncle, who inherited my grandfather’s home, sold my grandfather’s lot to his cousin (my grandfather’s nephew), who tore it down, so now the property it as it was in the late 19th century with one of those New England house/barn combos. My sister and I inherited my grandfather’s hand built cottage (his family lived in a tent during the summers until he was able to build it), which we gave to my uncle Geordie the lighthouse keeper who has greatly expanded it into a full home which he has now given to his son. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure mine would have to smell like motor oil.

Bass guitars hanging on the walls, intermingled with prints of my photography work.
Lots of photography paraphernalia such as light stands.

Grease; it’s called “my garage”.

Its as close as I come.

We have a man cave of sorts. It’s our dungeon in the attic.

Pretty much. My SO’s has random working and non-working computer and electronics crap*, books, papers, magazines, tools, doodads, and gadgets. A crummy chair, table, and some train prints on the walls complete the decor. He visits his daughter in Texas for a few weeks every year and I clear it out. He finds this mostly acceptable as he never cleans it and we have a fear of it all going up in flames. Once a month or so I insist on vacuuming the floor which he doesn’t like because of all the “fucking disaster” comments. :smiley: I don’t begrudge him a man cave at all but I wish he were tidier! The weird thing is the closets are organized with engineering precision but the visible part of the room is a pit! :rolleyes:

  • Includes two gigantic, old non-working TVs. ?? All they do is collect dust. A lot of dust.