"Man has measured Heaven......."

“Man has measured Heaven, has studied the path of the comets, he has discovered the traction, has invented the steam…and he still is not able to grow truffles”.

M.Burnet (1836)

Ignoring translation issues with the quote above, why can’t we farm truffles?

You can.

See this site

Quand les talons claquent, l’esprit se vide.
Maréchal Lyautey

Apparently you can. This article

says that this one farm produces 15% of the worlds truffle supply.

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So, are you saying that some things have changed a little in the past 163 years?

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And mäni interesting furry animals

Considering the fact that ONE farm grows 15% of the world’s truffle supply, maybe the quote should be rectified to read “but it ain’t easy to grow truffles.”

I guess this is a little less poetic though.

According to the Perigourd site, it takes 15-20 years for a yield and by using the traditional method, you’re only going to get a 15% return. That’s if you can even find em using an expensively trained dog or a truffle hog. According to my friend, the going rate for truffles is $2,000/LB.

So it takes 20 years to get a 15% yield that you can only find with a special pig. I guess I should have phrased the OP as “why is it so freakin’ difficult to grow truffles?”