Man, if I was president, I'd go on sooo many dangerous adventures

…like Bush did this Thanksgiving.

Or do the “dress up like a begger and reward those who assist you”.

*Pres. Massiv stands up, reveiling his tailored, true self
“Ma’am, you can keep those Burger King gift cerficates, because you’re going on a TRIP ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD IN AIR FORCE ONE!!!”
*flashbulbs pop, the press approaches to meet this week’s “Patriot of America”, my ratings soar…heh heh heh

Obviously, I’d be at the weapons testing labs and spy shops every once in a while “Just seeing what they’ve cooked up this time”.

I don’t think I’d be able to resist going to some of my favorite Chicago restaurants when I have business here or visit my “ranch”. I’m sorry but I just don’t want a SuperDawg that a half a dozen Secret Service agents have handled. Same goes double for a taco plate. Those things need to be eaten fast! Nope, I’d have to just go to the counter and order my own food and watch 'em make it, just like always. Clinton used to do it all the time, didn’t he?

I can think of some hobby related events I wouldn’t want to miss, car shows, ham radio fests, estate sales, for example. Some of these might really hard for others to have a good time with presidential security applied, so maybe I would take a pass while in office.

Do a few cameo appearances at Beastie Boys shows… if they’d have me. I hope we’d see eye to eye on a lot of things.

Anyone else? Adventures?

Aside from the one where Ike went to Europe, I’m stumped.

If I were president, I’d wear a tiara. Everywhere.

And then I’d start wearing a red velvet robe with ermine trim.

That would really mess with people’s heads.

So Bush went on a “dangerous adventure” this Thanksgiving?

Just like the “dangerous adventure” in Vietnam he chose to sidestep in the 1960’s and instead opted for protecting Texas from Vietcong infiltration?

Having never been President, I can’t really testify as to what it might be like to have every undereducated intellectual in your own country gunning for you, but the thought of it scares even me.


Bush ain’t no Jack Ryan, but he does like the adventures. Remember when China launched those nuclear missiles and Bush decided to watch the missiles be shot down, thereby putting himself at risk for no reason at all?

Yes, considering Dubya’s considerable intellectual capacity, it is a shame to see lesser people constantly sniping at him.
Here are some golden nuggets of wisdom from our current Commander In Chief.

As you know, snopes is a very reliable Internet resource and so those quotes are for real.
To think that this guy has got his finger on the “nuclear trigger” - to use your expression, “the thought of it even scares me”.
Oops, I should have said he has his finger on the NOOK-YOO-LAR
Make the pie higher !!!

I wouldn’t go anywhere but I’d have a lot of fun prank calling the leaders of other countries.

On Inauguration Day after the oath, I’d pack every newsperson I could in Air Force One and head to Area 51.

“LIVE, from Area 51 it’s the…UFO TOUR!!!”

I’d say I’m going to California, then order the pilot to change course. Land and give a live tv tour. Approval rating soars to 93%.

OMG Dude Bush cannot speak the enlgish will? Why did no 1 report this b4???