Man killed child's rapist, on TV, in 70s or 80s. Shown What became of him?

In the 70s or 80s, a man killed his child’s kidnapper and molester at an airport. The national evening news showed it. That’s all that I can remember. Does anybody know what happened to the father?

This references it but no ID

I have a memory of something similar but the details differ somewhat.

IIRC the man who raped the father’s son had gotten the case thrown out on some sort of technicality and was going to go free. As he was leaving the courtroom there was a largish crowd of people waiting in the lobby (mostly reporters which meant lots of cameras). You see a man at a phonebooth in jacket and cap hang up the phone, walk over to the alleged rapist, pull out a gun and shoot him. All videotaped. It turned out this was the boy’s father.

Part of me wants to say this man was found “not guilty” even though he clearly was (jury nullification) but it has been so long now I really do not remember. I think the jury’s notion was that the other guy was clearly a rapist who dodged the law through a technicality and they found the father’s position sympathetic. That said I could be totally remembering that wrong so BIG grain of salt here.

So, same case? Similar case? Dunno.

That’s it, Gary Plauche is the guy.

Gary Plauche shot and killed Jeffery Doucet in front of local television cameras. The shooting occurred as deputies were returning Doucet from California where he had been arrested on a charge of kidnapping Plauche’s son Jody.

Sorry, he only got probation - no jail time.

At least he waited until the guy got to the lobby

That’s the rascal.

That’s the case I was thinking of too. Looks like I remembered wrong in most respects.

That said how does a guy like Gary Plauche get off with a manslaughter charge and then public service and probation as a penalty? I mean how more crystal clear a case of first degree murder can you get? Mind you I can understand Gary’s anger but we cannot have revenge being a mitigating factor in crimes.

IANAL, but I don’t think it is at all a crystal clear case of First degree murder - certainly he could argue that he was overcome with rage at the verdict, dismissal whatever, and get 2nd degree murder in most states.
More to the point, DAs and Judges are elected in many states, and how well do you think the public would take it if you put this guy up for life ? Not to mention what percentage would a jury be to convict ? Video evidence or not I would wajor it’s a lot less than 100%…

Count me in the percentage that would not only fail to convict, but take him out after the trial and buy him and everyone in the bar a round.
A lot of folks of any stripe aren’t excited about the idea of putting a man away when they believe he was acting in loco society…

What verdict? Doucet had only been arrested and charged, not tried.