Man loses his head after drinking

How drunk do you have to be to not notice your buddy has just been decapitated?

From CNN.

What a fucking slimeball.

Um, I have a pretty good guess.

I am sure it is a tragedy for the family of the decedent.

And I wager the driver will be plagued with guilt for the rest of his life.

Those sad facts noted, I find this story to be just ripe for hilarity.

Have at it.

That story led off our local news last night. After a warning that “some viewers may find this story to be graphic”, they showed a bloody trail leading into the drivers’ driveway. Yeesh. What I can’t believe is that he has a $10,000 bond! Seems a little low, given that he’s charged with 2st degree vehicular homicide. I wonder if there are any special conditions attached to it, such as no drinking, a curfew, etc.

:smack: Er, that’s 1st degree VH.

Yeah, seems like there’d be a pretty clear path of evidence:

Trail of puke


Trail of blood

Truck with body
When do the “cheese slicer” jokes start?

According to CNN, it is set at $100K.


 Well, that's what I get for not reading the link.  I thought I heard Channel 11 say $10,000 lst night- either I was mistaken or they were.  Anyway, $100,000 seems much more in line with the charges.

If bail is set at $100,000 then you can pay a bail bondsman $10,000 to get out of jail. (if you can find one to front you)
If the driver goes to prison do you think he’ll be made headmaster of the prison school?

TWANG!!–……–’'--..__..--'’–……–’``’–…__… :o

THat’s actually a common misconception. I believe you must come up with 10% in property or cash, but you must also be able to afford to pay the monthly premium on the bond. I’ve known clients who had to pay up to $3000/month to service their bail bond, so it’s no chump change. Oh, and I think that was on a $100K bond.


At least guy won’t have hangovers anymore.

Uvula Donor, you are sooOOOooo going to hell…

That’s appalling, Cranky: this is a tragedy, and instead of trying to encourage tasteless jokes, I’d rather we try to head them off before they begin.


“Hey man, I couldn’t believe that ol’ bartender tried to cut you off…”

Way ahead of ya, LHoD.

In all seriousness, though:

Those poor people. I only hope the little girl didn’t have to see much.

Man, I got thoroughly grossed out by the headline…

And I also thought “Oh, here comes a new CSI episode.”

And people wonder why I’m so opposed, on principle, to the idea of going out and getting drunk and claiming that it’s nothing more than fun. :rolleyes:

After drinking until late at night, I’ll bet his head was killing him.