Man loses job after punching colleague in the face - I applaud Clarkson's exit

You really, really should not take rhetorical advice from your MRA or GamerGate buddies. Calling someone a social justice warrior means pretty much nothing to most people (well, other than telling us who you hang around with).

Those six words you said don’t matter because the rest of what you say completely contradicts them. When you say that people should do X, and they didn’t do X, you are inherently blaming them for not doing X. That’s just how language works.

What you did was the equivalent to saying “I’m not racist, but <racist statement here>.” You said “I don’t blame him, but <statement blaming him>.”

You really are a fucking idiot aren’t you. Are you as drunk as Clarkson was, because that might explain this bullshit?

By the same token, referring to ‘MRA’ in that way is also revealing (the equivalent of saying “I’m not sexist, but men shouldn’t have rights”). But that’s an argument for another thread.

Men shouldn’t have rights. The are vile and evil and selfish. Everything wrong on the planet can be traced to a man.

There’s a whole lot of assuming going on here though. You start with “You are a producer. Your job is to keep the BBC’s biggest star happy…” and you just go downhill from there.

There is nothing I have seen to show that the punchee’s job description was keeping Clarkson happy. That’s just something you made up. He’s a TV producer not a personal doormat. It may well have been someone else’s job entirely and the Drunk Boor just chose him as the target of his spleen.

Further, whoever was responsible may well not have known that Clarkson (a) hadn’t eaten and (b) would DEMAND a hot meal.

Additionally, it is entirely your assumption that it is BBC policy to spend onepence on bootlicking star-ass-kissing measures like paying after 10pm to keep kitchens open for wayward talent.

Finally it is again just your assumption that the punchee’s career is going to suffer as you suggest. Firstly, I think about 99% of BBC talent are going to think that Clarkson was carrying on like a wanker and are not going to blame the punchee for failing to have his tongue up Clarkson’s ass as far as you suggest would have been appropriate. Secondly, there are going to be a lot of producers (who are likely to be the people employing more junior producers) who are going to sympathise (and not with Clarkson).

Nuh. See the quote below from another thread. These are not the words of an MRA, and I like to think of myself as an MRA advocate. I also know what a SJW is, so stop that.


Furthermore, it seems that Tymon has comported himself with a good deal of grace during this farrago. He’s resisted the temptation to run to the tabloids with the usual “my side of the story” sensationalism, and he seems to have nothing but regret that the incident happened, and praise for Clarkson.

From his Twitter account:

Yes, sounds like a totally unemployable diva doesn’t he? :rolleyes:


What other job could you be in where you could punch a colleague after being on a warning already and not get sacked?

I mean, this actually happened at work. When incidents happen outside work then employers have a certain amount of leeway, but with incidents at work, with multiple witnesses? What else could they do? Say, it’s OK, we’ve sent him to anger management counselling? Every other employee at the BBC would have cause for a grievance procedure then. They’d have signed contracts about behaviour at work and so will JC, so if he gets off, why not them?

Top Gear probably will continue and maybe it’ll even improve.

And yeah, the producer will probably find it difficult to work for a while. Because he couldn’t provide hot food, only cold cuts, after the people he was providing food for went on the piss for too long. He will be tainted and lots of people are blaming him. It really is absurd how similar that sounds to a domestic violence case.

(I am not suggesting JC beats his wife - I don’t even know if he has a wife and genuinely do not think this means he is a wife-beater, if he has one - just that this case has paralells).

I don’t think any of us can say for sure, but I don’t think that anyone in the industry questions this guy’s performance as a producer. Full Stop. What you are describing is outside of the producer’s job description. Keeping a petulant star from assaulting you and ruining his career isn’t a reflection on the producer, and I don’t think anyone but you thinks it is so.

I suspect his career will be just fine. Even Clarkson supports him.

From what I know, producers are not exactly minions.

Well, glad we figured that out. As soon as I find out who he is, I’m going to pound him like a hungry Jeremy Clarkson.

“That’s a nasty black eye - you want to put a piece of steak on that.”

To the people I’m describing anyone not a star apparently is.

Nope, no wife:

A masterpiece of British journalistic wit. This is The Pit.

Well it rhymes with ‘wit’’ and ‘Pit’, certainly.

Boxer? What do I win? What do you mean I’m not supposed to punch the trainer?

Sorry if this has been said before, JC divorced and lost his mother in the last year. Plus he admitted he was drinking and smoking far too much. He was pretty fucked, all told, (I think I’m allowed to use those words here, being the Pit) and so a hiatus is probably the best the BBC can do for him?

I was all for him keeping on keeping on before but now I think he needs a new project or, at least, another break from TG. I’d like to see him and their team back, soon, probably sooner than he needs. Although he looks about 120 he isn’t actually that old so could take a year or two out and we’d still have the repeats on Dave, which aren’t that different anyway.

So since the BBC fired him and is not renewing his contract, he’s now free to move on?

Because I’d imagine various competitors would be pretty much laying siege to him (and the other two) immediately if not sooner. In fact I find it quite a coincidence that this happened just before new contracts were set to start.

I’m not saying it’s a plot, but it’s just that it happened at almost exactly the right time from a legal/contractual perspective. /shrug


Just wanted to bump this since the “nose punching man” apparently landed a new job on a show called The Grand Tour. Which, debuted last night and by all accounts blows the old show (in it’s current incarnation with a part time radio host presenter) out of the water.


PS: “Jessica” by the Allman Brothers (the Top Gear theme song) may just be the best opening song for a show ever.