Man! My crap is worth cash -or- collectors buy anything!

A Value-Village opened up next door to a grocery store that I frequent. While I was just browsing in there killing some time I came across a record player. It was absolutely identical to one that my family had as a kid. I can’t remember the name, but it is kind of a bizarre looking thing. Anyhow, after my daydreaming and flashbacks I left. I considered buying it, but since it was $20 and would more than likely just sit in a box in my basement I thought I would pass. I thought that was it.

I was wrong.

I was just crusing through e-bay and thought “ah, what the heck. Lets see if that was worth any cash”. Well, it took me a bit to find one but I did. It was on the verge of going for $125 US or something like that.

Needless to say, I bought the sucka for $20CDN and its going up on ebay when I get home from work. As long as I get my money back, I will be a happy camper.

I just thought I would share with you a little piece of my otherwise pointless existance. :slight_smile:

You do know that the prices things sold for on ebay don’t always happen. People bid on their own things. Or people are no longer interested in the item or only one person in the world wanted it etc. Happened to me when I did what you are doing…be interesting to see what happens.

PS: A lot depends on feedback, those with a lot of feedback get higher prices.

“Man! My crap is worth cash”

Yeesh, now that’s a scary thought. I had heard of people buying used underwear on ebay, but crap?


Gotya on both. I have a 30+ feedback rating (no negs) and there appeared to be pretty good action on the item from established bidders.

I’ll post back and fill you in on what it goes for.

Guess you better sit down for this one techie

and of course…


well…you get the picture…


Not until the internet did I realize that people were so damned depraved…yeesh, auctioning off your poo, boogers and toe nail clippings!!!

Dat’s just nasty.

Now, rotten dot com is pretty gross but selling your poo is the worst. Thank God I haven’t eaten dinner yet or my face would be in the area in which I poo, the toilet.

< shivers >

Truly, it is. Selling your own urine I can understand, assuming it’s drug-free :wink:


This thread got a little off the intended track… :wink:

My crap just sold for $177.50. Its pretty big, so shipping will end up being an additional $20. Action was pretty heavy right into the final secs.

The bidder appears genuine. One sold just before mine for $250 but it appeared to be as new, whereas mine had a few minor problems.

Goes to show you… one mans trash is anothers…

My husband is fond of old tools. Last weekend we hit an estate sale and picked up two at a pretty good price. He decided to ebay them instead of keep them

To the average observer, they’re rusty ol’ hand tools. Who would want 'em?

They’re currently going for nearly four times what he paid. Of course, he cleaned them up a bit, and researched their value so he knew they were desirable. But still, the mind boggles…

This has considerably increased Mr. Cranky’s enthusiasm for accompanying me to yard sales and stuff.

Am I the only one who read the thread title and thought of the conceptual artist Piero Manzoni?

Georgetown, a few years or so back, was interested in acquiring some beer receipts from the 40s from Joyce Kilmer’s widow.

Didn’t you know? Everything in the world is now considered a collectible.