Man prevents lifeguard from saving daughter...

Have you guys seen this yet? Not sure if true but:

“Man prevents lifeguard from saving daughter, because being touched by a strange man would dishonour her”

Is it racist to say that some cultures and beliefs are simply fucked up and wrong?

“The man has since reportedly been arrested and faces charges.”

If this sort of thing were representative of an entire culture or set of beliefs, not racist at all.

It isn’t.

He preferred his daughter’s death over “dishonor”? :rolleyes: I wouldn’t pit the culture, the lifeguards made every effort to save her against the man’s wishes. They were unsuccessful only because he became physically violent with them. It’s the man himself who’s quite fucked up in the head.

Isn’t swimming in public dishonorable? Do they swim in burkas?


Is that what is needed? :dubious:

No, it requires lifeguards to brain people who do this so that they can do their jobs.

Every beach I’ve been to there are lifeguards stationed every couple hundred feet in pairs. If something like this happened in Delaware, for example, the two lifeguards would have handled the guy while the others rescued the woman. I wonder why that didn’t happen here.

I wonder if her bathing suit was something like this:

Truly disgusting behavior, I understand cultural relativism is a thing and all but I think some cultures can be superior to others, regarding morals in specific situations.

AND if that’s the case, did he make any attempt to rescue her himself, or just restrain the lifeguards?

From the article:

What is an “Asian Man?” This implies (to me at least) that the father was not arab.

Not attempting to rescue her himself (after refusing and blocking the help offered) is the ultimate dishonor of his daughter.

Most likely Pakistani.

Depends on the culture. There’s a pretty robust market for attractive modest swimwear for conservative Muslim, Orthodox Jewish, and conservative Christian women, but again, very culture-dependent. It’s not the swimming that’s immodest, it’s the exposure.

Probably. Also, Indonesia is mostly muslim, and Islam is also popular on the southern islands of the Philippines. Both countries send plenty of workers to the UAE.

Its worth noting that the police who arrested the man and the lifeguards who tried to save the girl are also apparently part of that “culture”.

No. Some cultures and beliefs that are fucked up actually defines the racism, sexism, bigotry, etc. Your comment merely calls out what any reasonable person [del]would[/del] should say anyway.

No, read the article and the above posts. The man and his daughter were visitors from elsewhere.

Hereis the original article. Its not something which happened last week. A Dubai policeman was being interview and he recalled this case.

Frankly it sounds fishy.

In Dubai, FME, they rarely refer to Indians and Pakistanis as “Asians”, usually they call them by their nationality, its Far Eaaterners who get called “Asian”.

Yeah, no names given of the alleged victim or victim’s father (and honestly, how many “Asian” guys are so “tall and strong” that they can detain 2 other adult men?), and apparently happened at some undisclosed point in the past? Whole thing is probably made-up.