Man puts disorderly passenger in headlock on Culver City train

I like how calmly the passenger defuses the situation without any drama or excessive violence. :smiley: I guess he’s had martial arts training. Miesha Tate defeated Holly Holm with that move a couple weeks ago.

Situation on the train could have easily gotten violent. This drunk guy clearly wanted to bust some people up. Glad it ended well.

Not a headlock, it was a choke hold, designed to cut off the blood flow to the brain and cause unconsciousness (due to lack of blood to the brain). Hope he did have training since it is potentially dangerous (which is why most trained MMA folks tap out once something like this gets clamped on them).

Still, kudos to the guy in what could have been a dangerous situation, and basic rule; young guys without shirts on subways are usually trouble…

He swatted at the guy’s bike. He didn’t attack anyone. Yeah, he was drunk and unpleasant, but I can’t condone some random fuck choking him out. To hell with that noise.

What would you condone?

This used to be called a sleeper hold. LAPD used to use it. They ended up banning it because of some of the people it was used on died. It’s easy to crush the larynx if not done correctly.

The guy was harassing people, and someone tried to protect himself with the bike, which the guy attacked. That’s a lot more than “swatting” at someone’s bike, and not attacking anyone. I’m on the side of the “random fuck.”

We don’t see the complete video so we can’t conclude he didn’t attack anyone.

Regardless, it’s obvious the idiot is an obnoxious douche who is, at least, behaving in an aggressive and threatening manner and is fully deserving of some induced surprise nap time. There is no need to tolerate these morons.

IIRC, there was a race angle to it as well. Some cop used the “sleeper hold” on a black guy, who died. Then-Chief Darryl Gates (who, IIRC, already had an established rep as an asshole) made some comment to the effect that there was something about black people that made them more at risk of dying from a sleeper hold, compared to “normal” people.

The comment, contrasting “black people” against “normal people” caused major outrage at the time.