Man seeks visitation with Amish child he fathered

A 30 year old Amish woman has an affair with a married man more than twice her age, he ends up divorced and pursues her seeking time with his child. Kelly McGillis & Harrison Ford, this ain’t.

I’m not clear on what your rant is.

Can you enlighten me?

To MPSIMS with thee.

i think he has the right as a presumably decent man to have a relationship with his offspring, but there is the issue of the mother’s wish to raise the child in an amish (but why should the father’s wishes be taken any less seriously?) environment and the father bringing in all that evil (electricity, buttons, elmo). i wish people didn’t choose to raise children in such a strange and (i may be wrong) almost hostile environment (you’ll go to hell if you leave the community). maybe i’m being too harsh on the mother’s side of the family, but i think the amish are nuts (to their credit i don’t think that the average american is quite all there as well). difficult case, i don’t see any way that that anyone can really win in this situation.

This will be interesting. THere is a way that the father of the child can be restricted here. No doubt, a child psych would see irreparable harm done to the child if left in the custody of her father who lives in technology world. I have a hunch that Erdelt will have to get all of his face time, forever, with the Schrocks, or at the very least in Amish communities…

Just my educated guess…


She’s the one doing all the work: the diapers, the feedings, the bumps and bruises. I think if the father really cares for her and the child–as he says he does–then he should respect her wishes.

What a tangle.

Three adults who love a little girl.

Here’s the line I like best:

Uh, God gave you that child because you put your penis inside her mother and left her some sperm. It kind of works that way, you see.

You know, when I tried using the line (in 3rd grade) “I didn’t pull the cat’s tail; I just held it; the cat pulled,” I didn’t get away with it, either.