Man stabbed to death in Novosibirsk. Yes, it is wrong to 'blame the victim', but...

perhaps there are exceptions?

Why blame the victim here? You think he knew she’s a crazy stabber? You think he was hitting on her daughter rather than the chick just being batshit insane?

I’m assuming that “so what have you done with your life for the past 14 years”/“have you been married before” conversations happened at some point. If she told anything even resembling the truth, or if he had the chance to talk to anyone who knew her previously, then it’s really really hard to express any surprise that this was the result. I can’t say I’d blame him, but damn.

Crazy in the head, crazy in the bed…

More surprising to me is that she served a total of just 14 years on two separate murders… And has been sentenced to 12 years for her third!

Can anybody guess the headline we’ll be seeing around 2022?

I think those ifs are huge. I would think it would be safer to assume that she lied than let on.

Add to list of questions when you meet someone new.

“So, are you a stabby type?”

Well, it is a penal colony in Siberia, so it isn’t a fun 12 years.

Well, that might be one way to blame the victim. It doesn’t say how old the daughter is. Was he a Humbert Humbert or just a dick?

I suspect she misinterpreted the guy’s “attentions to her daughter” as lecherous, when they weren’t. She’s demonstrated the crazy before. So no, I still wouldn’t blame the victim.

This reminds me of a joke, but the genders are switched.

A couple of middle-aged women sitting around the pool in their building noticed a handsome new man come onto the deck. After much prodding each other with elbows, one agreed to go and talk with the newcomer.

“Well, you’re new around here, aren’t you?” the woman said as she approached.

“Yes, I’ve just moved in,” said the man.

“Does your wife enjoy swimming?”

“No, I don’t have a wife now. I was married three times though.”

“Oh dear. Divorce is such a difficult thing.”

“No, I’ve never been divorced. I’ve been widowed.”

“Poor thing. How did it happen?”

“We were arguing on a balcony, and she fell off.”

“Oh,” the woman winced, “How terrible.”

“It wasn’t as bad as my second wife. She was sick and suffered for days. Turned out she had arsenic poisoning. I can’t imagine where she got that from.”

“Uh-huh. And you had three wives, did you say?”

“Oh, the first one,” the man shrugged. “She just up and disappeared on me. Nobody can find her.”

Soon after that the woman returned to her friend.

“What did you find out?” her friend demanded.

“Well, I’ve got good news,” the woman replied, “He’s single!”

Well at least she is attractive!

My daddy always said, “Don’t stick your dick in the crazy.”

Surely, there’s some middle ground in there somewhere… :smiley:

In Soviet Russia, crazy sticks YOU!

With a knife.

That’s hilarious! I’m totally using that one!

And about the story, while I wouldn’t blame the victim for being stabbed, I think he could have made a better decision than to hook up with his bat shit insane chick. I’m sure he wasn’t thinking “I have a death wish, so I’ll bonk this chick until she finally grants my death wish.”