Man the kids on Teen Jeopardy are morans (spoilers for February 7 show)

Everybody lost today because they all wagered all their money on Final Jeoaprdy and got it wrong.

If you’re in first place there’s no reason to bet all your money, just bet enough to ahve more than the guy in second place if he doubles his money. The only thing you win his passage to the next round on the tournament, not the money.
Why does Jeopardy even continue to torture its fans with these joke tournaments. Nobody likes the teen or college or kids torunament because the questions are too easy. This is literally two weeks of my life wasted with this crap that I can never get back.
I cannot comprehend why the guy in first place would be all his money what an idiot

I bet some of them have better spelling and grammar than you, though. Moran? Torunament? That last “sentence”?

oops sorry that last sentence is supposed to be “bet” not “be”

I am so angry right now I cannot type clearly


Both the Kid’s Tourney and the Teen Tourney serve valuable purposes - they let me catch up on the backlog of recorded shows. Only 29 left!

Well, you can also watch them and feel superior… And then rather sad. :frowning: :wink:

I thought this thread was gonna be about the Final Jeopardy question, which I was annoyed by the answer to even before they showed the answer (or question, if you prefer). The category was Capital Cities, and the answer was…

Belfast. But Northern Ireland isn’t a country. Of course, the category wasn’t country capitals, it was “Capital Cities”, so I guess it still counts. Sort of. If I was one of those kids, I’d probably be pissed about that for years.

Sounds like he pulled a Clavin. :wink:

What is a “moran”? :confused: I’m not sure but I get the feeling there is some irony somewhere here…

Jeez, calling the kettle black. Maybe the kids were so nervous, they couldn’t think clearly.

I read the thread title and thought that the OP was being ironic. Then… I realized how sad the OP really was!

I thought the way Final Jeopardy went down was pretty sad. Way to not learn geography. [spoiler]I was sitting there thinking Belfast, and worrying I was wrong and the answer was Derry, and then all three of them said Dublin!

Dublin? Maybe it’s because I grew up in an era when the Troubles were ongoing, but it’s weird to me. And they bet everything, all of them? They all made the same two mistakes.

And Northern Ireland is too a country.[/spoiler]

What will this do to the rest of the tournament? If I remember correctly, if all three players on a regular (non-tournament) show finish with $0, there is no champion and the next day’s show has three new contestants. But this was a semi-final, right? Presumably three players have to advance to the final.

Did they say how the third finalist will be chosen?

:confused: Not seeing any problem with that at all.

Northern Ireland is a country and it’s capital city is Belfast.

FJ was an instaget for me. I thought it was so obvious that I was completely shocked that not just one but *all *of them got it wrong!

Alex said that the Final round will be the two winners of the Semi-finals, and the highest score of the non-winners from the Semi-finals.

I still can’t believe Kelton risked it all. In the tournaments you only win the money in the Final! All he had to do to advance was be one dollar over 2nd place! *None *of them should have wagered everything, but Kelton and Tori’s bets were extremely poor. Tori shouldn’t have even bet anything!

And I thought the dumbest wagering I actually saw live (not online years later) was a few months ago when the leader who had exactly double the contestant in second actually bet something and got it wrong. But this is even worse than that since *three *separate people all made the same boneheaded mistake!

I assumed he was going for

but clearly he’s going for something deeper and more nuanced. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

I wish the OP gave some clue to where he is so that we could get the authorities to rescue him from the dungeon where he is apparently being kept and forced to watch TV he doesn’t want to.

But I’m willing to cut some slack on the bad typing since the post must have been made in haste during a short period of escape while the captors were making a sandwich.

I seem to recall reading/hearing that the staff give some very general betting tips somewhere before Final Jeopardy. Is that true (if it ever was)? If so, Kelton’s wager was particularly inexcusable.

Whether you consider Northern Ireland a province or an independent country within the UK,* the answer to It’s criss-crossed by dozens of “peace walls” that separate its Catholic & Protestant neighborhoods should have been obvious to anyone with a knowledge of the last fifty years. :rolleyes:
*I’m pretty sure the former is more correct.

Actually part of the problem is that strictly speaking, “country” is not necessarily tied to it being recognized, autonomous, or sovereign. Those players could be misfocused in their minds that it must mean a capital of a “real country”.

Although the Troubles were never given in the USA media or schools anywhere near as much emphasis as, for instance, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, still it’s no excuse. It’s a major news story of the 20th Century.

The word “country” was nowhere in the category or the question. Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland. Period. There was nothing ambiguous or difficult about that question at all.