Man to play russian roulette live on TV

A guy called Derren Brown is going to play russian roulette “live” on Channel 4 on Sunday evening.

Anyone here going to watch it? Would this kind of thing ever be allowed in the USA, bearing in mind it is being broadcast at 9pm.

Apparantly there is going to be a built in delay, so that if he does blow his brains out, they can cut the transmission in time.

This guy is known as an illusianist and magician, so I’m guessing that there will be some trick to making sure the cylinder doesn’t stop on the live chamber. There must be a trick to this, isn’t there?

Sorry if there was already a thread on this subject, but I did a search and couldn’t fine one.

Just noticed that this thread has appeared right next to “Better to see Death coming or not?”. :smiley:

If this were truly a guy playing Russian Roulette, it would not be broadcast in the US. Given that he is a magician I imagine that the Russian Roulette here is nothing more than a gimmick to get people to tune in.

Either way, I would not participate. I’m not interested in the morbidity of it all.

Here’s a big hint: he’s an illusionist.

That’s not to say that the stunt isn’t without danger, but I’d say he’s stacked the odds over-whelmingly on his side. All the ‘live delay’ etc is just hype.

I’d class this trick right in there with Blaine in the plastic box. It’s pointless. Oh, you haven’t blown your brains out. So what? Was the sight of you putting a gun to your head such thrill for everyone? Isn’t russian roulette the most visually boring way possible to place your life in danger? At least you could do it hanging out a window over a pool of sharks or something.

Cynic that I am, I just plain don’t believe it’s real.

I don’t know if Derren Brown is shown on US TV, but if he is, WATCH HIM. He’s one of the most impressive magicians/mentalists I’ve ever seen. Utterly brilliant, verging on genius.

This stunt, however, I’m a bit dubious about. The chances of him blowing his head off are next to nil (though I’m still slightly worried about it - I will be watching in queasy anticipation), but there’s a little worry about copycat stuff from the kids. Mind you, almost nobody has handguns in the UK, so there’s less danger of that than there would be in the US.

I should point out that it’s not ‘traditional’ Russian Roulette: each chamber is numbered, and the volunteer is going to put the bullet in a numbered chamber. Brown is then going to use his psych tricks to work out which chamber the volunteer will have put the bullet into. He’s going to pull the trigger until the live chamber comes into play, then shoot the bullet into the ground. Of course, since he’s not stupid, I’m sure there’ll be something else at work that he’s not admitting to that will act as a fail-safe mechanism.

I’m wondering if there will be a bit of hokum at work too - cutting the live feed to make everyone think it’s gone wrong, then him reappearing later (akin to the David Blaine rumour that’s going around).

Finally, his dad couldn’t spell ‘Darren’.

What David Blaine rumor is going around?

Well, he did it.

It was an utterly, utterly fantastic piece of TV.

If I may quote pierre72 from the NADS board:

Move over Blaine - for me anyway, Derren Brown now holds the mantle of Houdini. Last night confirmed it.

(BTW, the Blaine rumour is that at the end of the trick, the box is going to fall and “kill” Blaine, who will then reappear somewhere else.)

I hope the first two out of three of those things happen.

I watched it also last night, and was impressed. The program was an hour long, and the first 50 minutes were taken up with the selection process. He wittled down thousands of applicants to just 5. Only one of the 5 was selected to load the chamber. When he started pulling the trigger with the gun against his head, it was very difficult to believe that there was actually a live round in the gun. Probably because its on TV, under controlled conditions, and its something we’ve never seen on national TV before. Good TV though, and I have to admit he is a very clever guy. Not sure if hes a psychic, though.

Well be sure. He’s not. He has never claimed any exrta sensory power. He has trained in how the mind works and is very well versed in the art of suggestion.

Very very talented guy and a great showman.

Why would you hope for something like that?

Exactly, the talk of him being an illusionist, as was mentioned earlier in the thread, is just wrong. He is simply an expert in the field of suggestion and being able to read people. Hence the selection process, rather than showmanship it was all about finding someone he felt he could accurately read.

Someone on another forum I frequent puts it much better than me:

"Its a mix of non-verbal communication, tone, afliction of voice and reading peoples expressions. He explained that so clearly as he was selecting them.
Its an ancient art to read faces, voices and so on. He is just top of his field. "

Well, I don’t, not really, but I think David Blaine isn’t worthy of discussion outside of the BBQ Pit.

Call me naive, but i actually believe that there was a live round in the gun and there was a risk of him dieing. Either that or all the stuff in his previous series was faked as well. He does seem to have an amazing ability to read body language and other unconscious cues which makes him almost look like a mind reader. As he said at the beginning of the program, its basically just a more dangerous version of the cup trick he does, he just had to be able to read his volunteer correctly as the volunteer knew which barrel the bullet was in.

I’m sure that the bit where he pointed the gun at the wall and pulled the trigger and then that very long gap where he did nothing was done for dramatic effect though. He probably knew which barrel it was in as soon as the volunteer had counted from one to six.

I’d guess he had a very good idea where the bullet was going even before it was loaded. He was probably loading the guys up with suggestions for a while before hand and the count was just to comfirm. I agree that the “mistake” and long pause were most likely for show.

Great bloody show though.

Oh totally - that was real, and I also think the fear was real (or he’s the best actor alive too). Even if he’s almost 100% sure it’s fine, he must have had the slightest bit of doubt - it’s only human.

That said, I suspect that he knew which cylinder the bullet was going into several days before the show. The counting was actually a failsafe mechanism. And I’d imagine there were other mechanisms too: one of them being that if I were the volunteer and I knew the next cylinder was going to kill Derren, I’d have told him and stopped the show.

I watched it as my dad was one of the applicants to load the gun(He was in the last 100). But I think I would have watched it anyway. It was great television!

Wow, your dad was on TV? Was he one of the people who didn’t find a seat in time?

Wow, Gemma - what were his motivations for volunteering? Any behind-the-scenes goss? And how did he get rejected?