Man. U US Tour

Manchester United Four Game US Tour

How often do you get to see the third best team in English Premiere League live.


Tickets go on sale tomorrow. I am all over it. I will be getting tix for the Los Angeles game against America. I would love to see Juventus or Barcelona, too.

Here are the dates and locations from the web site link, too far from me unfortunately :frowning:

Just a note that the game against Celtic will have to be considered tentative until we wrap up the SPL title. If the knuckledraggers win it then we’ll have to cancel in order to enter a Champions League qualifying round at the end of July.

Since that’s not going to happen though :smiley: I really would recommend trying to get to Seattle as there will most certainly be thousands of Celtic fans there, creating an atmosphere that would be worth your plane fare alone.

I reckon the game against Barcelona in Philadelphia should be a pretty awesome game. It’s a cool tour for sure.

Our American Dopers should count themselves very lucky. Team football at his level is just as good as it gets - the players are totally familiar with each other and have their set plays nailed down pat.