Managers: Help Me Track Correspondence!

Can SDopers in management (or doc control) help me find a logical way to track correspondence, comments to correspondence, comments to the comments etc., etc. Is there some trick to “taming this paper lion”? A good method may prove critical for retrieving historical records, for example.

In addition to comments to the comments, one individual may issue a second round of comments! Where do you begin? Are there some tried and true tricks of the trade and/or rules of thumb? …Thanks! - Jinx

what kind of correspondence? Electronic? Paper? Do you have outlook? Track them in their in separate folders…At any one time I have several folders for each class I teach…studenyt emails, comments, cc’s everything goes into those folders. Easy reference…Paper comments…I dunno, filing cabinet maybe?

First step…categorizing.

I work in broadcasting. I have one folder for each client. Every piece of information on that commercial order goes into the folder. Cancels, revisions, adds, conversion from :30s to :60s…all in the folder.

I rarely look at it again, but boy, when the sh-- hits the fan, I can go right to the folder and pull out and prove what I did and when I did it and why I did it. My paper trail has covered my butt on more than one occassion.

So, you need to figure out how you want to split your correspondence into categories.