Mandelbro set zoom?

Here’s a site so one can explore the minutiae of the Fractal set discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot.

Is there a site like this where one can zoom in like Google Earth?

You can download software that will let you do so from


Click on an example fractal and then drag a box on the area you want to zoom in to.

Nitpick: I’m not sure even Benoit would say that he completely discovered it, though I can ask him next week when I’m back in New Haven. It really goes back much farther than his involvement (possibly Julia could be credited as “discoverer”). What he did was popularized it and emphasized its complexity, its self-similarity, and its fractal nature.

According to Wikipedia (usual disclaimers apply), Mandlebrot was the first person to use a computer to plot the set, which was discovered earlier by Pierre Fatou.

I’ve really enjoyed fooling around with this program: WinCIG. It’s amazing what you can find as you zoom in. The variety of the imagery and its similarity to natural forms is astonishing.