Manhattan, do you know crap about ripping music?

This was said by Manhattan as he locked a thread.

I have about 200 CDs. I spend about 12 hours a day at my university, but bringing so many CD’s to school with me would be unfeasible. Thus, I have ripped tens of albums (in OGG format, which I prefer to MP3, but it’s the same thing) so I can enjoy my music collection even while away from home. This is my right, as fair use covers time-shifting and space-shifting.

While there is a great deal of illegal MP3 trading, I think you need to realise that laptop owners do this often, and we don’t like being presumed criminals for it.


Are we getting a link here? Or do I have to flog the already-exhausted hamsters again?

I said vast majorty, not all, and I stand by that characterization, your situation (and that of the OP of the disputed thread) notwithstanding.

Them’s our rules. There are plenty of places to get that information; this site just doesn’t happen to be one of them.

Hope that helps.

This has been done before so many times it’s not worth a link.

The SDMB Staff have made their position clear on these subjects so many times it ought to be in the banner headline.

I have nothing against the OP as a person, but these complaints are not even beating a dead horse, they are beating the ancient burial grounds where the dead horse now lies.

Ask your question on one of the other 18 billion message boards out there. There’s nothing sacred about the SDMB, and quite frankly on the subject of PC-related topics this is far from the best place to ask questions anyhow.

Link here

why thank you. I’ve been alarmed at the recent trend in mod bashing that manny has fallen behind in the all important mod pit thread race.

THis site is very pro-active re: copyright infringement. I’ve never seen a thread about file sharing remain open for long (at least ones where it discusses ways to do it). I don’t read into his comments an accusation that you presonally are doing something criminal, just that the activity you’re describing can be used to do something criminal. Something like a professional locksmith wouldn’t /shouldn’t discuss how to pick a lock, even tho’ (s)he may be doing it legally, the information can easily be used for criminal purposes.

Up next: Automotive questions banned in General Questions. Because, you know, cars are used extensively in illegal activity.

  • Gotta be safe here!

If it wasn’t so sad, the things going on around here lately would be funny. Sometimes I wonder why I even check in here anymore.

A link to the events - MP3 to CDR Question

A link to where more reasonable people roam - Ars Technica

Save yourself the aggravation and bail now.

Well Chris, I’m not picking on you, and I’m not trying to start a fight, but you yourself bring up an interesting question - why do you still have a Membership here? There must be positives that keep you here, that outweigh the negatives, correct? Otherwise, it would be odd to keep returning. Can you speak on the positives?

On a bigger issue - every day I can read a thread about someone who has a serious beef, difference of opinion, or philosphical clash with the Staff, the Rules, or the implementation of the latter by the former. While some of this is limited to simple little issues, which are only small parts of the whole - many other complaints are all-encompassing, or directed at a Staff Member personally.

And yet…these people, 99% of the time, stay here, for months or years afterwards.

Why? :confused:

And Cart, who started the thread “MP3 to CDR Question,” if you’re listening, you might want to reveal your email address in your profile. Even if the well-intentioned mods won’t let us help you with the problem publicly, some well-intentioned Dopers might be able to email you with a simple solution.

Who, me? :wink:

I’m with the mods on this one. The SDMB is run by the Chicago Reader at a loss, and they simply cannot afford to get involved in any lawsuits. This is why discussions of this sort are not allowed. It’s not to accuse anyone of illegal activity. It’s simple self-preservation.

Rules are rules are rules. If you don’t agree with them, move on.

of course, too, one should realize that the number of pit threads started to complain re: mod actions vs. total number of threads started is very very small.

if things routinely were such a hell hole, and the mods actions were totally so difficult to predict due to their inherant unfairness etc, wouldn’t we expect to see much more of them?

Yes, this is flogging a long-dead horse, but the dust of this ancient animal will continue to get flogged over and over forever, because a rule this stupid will never be accepted.

By the time RIAA or whoever starts hoplessly suing message boards over posts where it’s clearly stated that one wants to burn legally-obtained files onto a legally obtained blank CD, they would have already gone after far, far, more web sites beforehand.

Tired of hearing people complain about the rule? Tough. Stupid rules will be complained about, until they are removed. And a rule forbidding discussion of a perfectly legal activity is profoundly stupid.

Well, it seems as though this topic has, as some have suggested, been flogged to death. But this is the first time i’ve participated in a thread on the subject, so i’m going to have my say anyway. Firstly, like the OP on this thread, virtually all of the mp3s on my computer have been copied straight from my own CD collection.

Second, the OP in the closed thread made it perfectly clear that his/her mp3 files were all legitimately obtained. And, as just about everyone with any interest in this issue must know, copying legally-obtained music for personal use or back-up is perfectly legal under international and various national copyright laws and protections.

Not only that, but the OP in that thread made not even the most subtle request for information about where one could find mp3s for free on the web. S/he already has them, and told us that they were legally obtained. It would be good if a lawyer could weigh in on this, but it seems that there is not even the slightest possibility that information was solicited on any illegal activity.

CnoteChris drew an analogy with automobiles. I’ll add firearms to the equation. A quick check of the newspapers shows that firearms are often used in (you’ll be surprised!) armed robberies and murders. So, if i post a thread asking for advice on the best way to transport my gun in my car (a legal activity in many - most? - states) is the thread going to be closed? What if i just want information on cleaning my weapons?

(all hypothetical - i have no gun)

Even if, as manhattan asserts, most of the mp3s on people’s computers are illegally obtained - hell, even if 99.9% are illegally obtained - there is absolutely no evidence that the question posed by the OP in the closed thread either advocated or solicited information about illegal activity.

And finally, in response to Anthracite, this is certainly not something that would cause me to become disillusioned with the Board in general, and i have no intention of leaving because i like it around here. Furthermore, i think all the mods and administrators generally do a great job and i appreciate their time and effort.

But, even when you really like someone and agree with most of what they do, it is still possible to be intrigued or dissappointed by certain blind spots, irrational worries, or downright pigheadedness that they might display from time to time. Hell, i’m sure even my best friends find certain aspects of my worldview annoying. I think that, on this issue in the particular thread under discussion, the moderator’s decision was dumb. And if the decision was just a refelction of Board policy, then that policy is over-cautious to the point of paranoia.

Just my 2c, which is obviously not going to change anything. :slight_smile:

Because this place is always good for a laugh?

Ok, ok… you ask a legitimate question.

I come back because a) this was the first, and only, message board I ever felt compelled enough to join, because b) the people here were, and are, intelligent, witty, and bright, without (often) becoming smarmy, condescending, or rude. When I joined, or became a part of this place, message boards on the internet consisted nothing more than, ‘…d00d, you rok! dont pay no attension to fag boy ther!’.

There’s only so much of that you can take without going goofy in the head.

Don’t get me wrong, those places are still out there, but I get the feeling it’s changing. Thank god others have picked up on the idea the intelligent, and often simply fun, exchange is better than glurge and nonsense.

So, when I joined, this place filled the void. It provided a refuge, or a getaway, from the rest of the bullshit that pervaded and permeated the rest of the 'net. Face it, it was one of a kind.

But today (and only in my opinion, obviously), perusing these boards, I get the feeling that what was once gripping and insightful discourse, with witticism and intelligence thrown in, has become almost has-been, tired, and old.

Moderators lash out at newbies, ignoring rules they, themselves, were apparently a party to making. Others are so tunnel vision they can’t seem to see an inquiry for what it is, an inquiry. Others, still, are so removed from this place that whenever they ever venture in it’s only to tiddy up the messes and try to regain calm and sensibility. All the while, mind you, missing whatever context things were said in, becoming almost a joke in and of themselves and their role.

And others, obviously, who do the job in a yeomen’s way. They are to be commended. Unfortunately, I guess, that’s never the way things happen, telling people they’re doing a good job. Call it an unfortunate part of life, or what-have-you, but that’s how it is. I never go up to a cop and say, ‘Good job, you rock’. We, and I, admittedly, are more focussed on the bad-eggs, those who make the rest look bad. Again, it’s not acceptable, or really right, but it’s the way people are. And, what can I say, but I’m one of them.

But you ask why I come back. Why, if I dislike, or am displeased with where things are heading, do I continue to post and continue to comment. Well, it’s simple: it’s compelling to watch and be apart of.

Seriously, call me a masochist, call me an asshole, call me what-have-you, but the arrogance and self-righteousness; the superiority while mired in ignorance; the bureaucracy… the ever stifling bureaucracy and legalese… it’s compelling. It makes for a good read, especially when you’ve been apart of it. It’s a train-wreck. A sad, pathetic, almost heart wrenching, train-wreck. But, god help me, I can’t help but watch.

Sad? Absolutely. Unfortunate? To be sure. Something I gotta watch? What can I say.

I find it ironic, and almost foreshadowing, in a sense, that the prevailing view around here, and a post shortly after yours, essentially says, ‘shut up and leave if you don’t like. We don’t need you’.

I have a feeling people are taking you, and others exposing that view, up on that offer, sadly, making this place… well, what it is today.

Forgive me, but I can’t tear myself from seeing it all happen.

the analogy that I used, IMnsHO is most on point. Cars, guns etc can be owned and used w/o any illegal intent, so can the discs. the issue, of course is the discussion about where to obtain/how to download stuff onto said discs, in other words, it’s the process, not the item.

So, discussions about cars, guns, locks, discs = ok.

discussions on how to hotwire a car; fashion a silencer for a gun; pick a lock, download stuff to discs = not ok.

I don’t want to hijack or start a new thread, but Unomundo’s callous demand for a cite on the death of the gay teen deserved a response that could not be said in GD.

Fuck, you walking piece of garbage.

Why all this mordant mocking cynicism? Did someone beat the tar out of you in GD or dogpile on you the Pit or something? There are ever growing numbers of SDMB members with post counts going well into the thousands. That will tend to make the flavor of the place a little different than when it was newer, but it’s still one of the best neighborhoods on the net and it’s still free. There are people who snap at mis-stepping newbies, but there far more who give a hearty “Hail fellow well met!” to new arrivals.

This place is somewhat self selecting and people with very thin skins, a hair trigger sense of being offended or dis-respected, or the notion that moderators are there to be argued with at every opportunity generally burn themselves out eventually or bolt. Perhaps it is somewhat more autocratic than it was way back when, but that is part of the way institutions grow and for now most members will take a dash of autocracy if it allows the SDMB to continue as a high quality site free of infestations by the trolls and another annoyances you cited.

I’m currently downloading some freeware programs and I’m also downloading some software I bought and I’m BURNING THEM TO A CD.

wring, downloading stuff to disc isn’t illegal, nor is the general use. Your analogy is flawed, as it compares things that are almost always a focused illegal activity to something that is almost NOT always an illegal activity.

What about burning pictures to CDs? I have a TON of pictures of various European royals in history and I’d love to have a burner to get all those pictures on CDs rather than my harddrive.