Manhunt for cop shooter turns out to be a hoax

Last week, a police officer was apparently shot in the chest by an unknown individual in the parking lot of El Camino Real High School, in the western San Fernando Valley.

Several schools were locked down, and the LAPD blocked off several major avenues as part of the largest search perimeter in recent history. The suspect’s description was broadcast live throughout the day, but the guy was never found – presumably, he must’ve been a professional car thief who was crazy enough to shoot a fucking cop (or at least savvy enough to know the cop’s bulletproof vest would stop the bullet and buy him time to get away clean) but who knows? It’s been a scary week for all the locals.

Well, guess what – the whole story, including the presumed suspect, was a total fucking lie:

There are no words. There are no fucking words. :mad:

Well, I hope there are some words, because I don’t understand what happened. The cop got shot in the vest by somebody (maybe even himself?) and concocted some elaborate lie that quickly got away from him?

So either his gun accidentally discharged, or he was target shooting at his own vest?

On this board, someone will be along eventually to defend the actions of the cop who staged the hoax.

Or he wanted some time off (I presume being shot at would be a good reason for stress leave) or attention?

there is a rumor that he was having an affair and the husband of the woman shot him.

My guess is that his mother was mean to him and he didn’t want to get in trouble for accidentally dropping his gun. :rolleyes:

He shoulda just claimed somebody hit him with a golf club.

Now that’s a rumor I can get behind! The only thing better would be some new sort of auto-erotic thingamabob.

I’m sorry for all of the San Fernando Valley. It sucks when something happens that makes everybody freak but they should be happy there isn’t anything to freak out about.

Or brandished one. On a nearby golf course.

See, I was going for “did something stupid while bored on duty an accidentally shot himself.”

Oooh! I know!

He traveled back in time and shot himself to prevent his present-day self from falsely claiming that some car thief shot him.

Science proves it.

WTF are you smoking? On this board, you’re lucky if you can make it a whole week without a thread bashing something a police officer did. And then you can wait for a couple years until you get a thread praising something a police officer did.

NOTE TO THE BRAIN DEAD: This is not agreeing with what the police officer did, nor in any way a defense of any police misconduct that has now, or ever will in the future, occur.




Now Drain Bead is going to come along and get ticked off.

Maybe we need a separate thread for: ‘oh good, and now all the X are going to come and say XYZ.’

A “usual suspects” reference usually accomplishes that, I suspect.

I misread this the first time as “…having an affair with the husband of the woman who shot him.”

I liked my version better :smiley:

Hey fuck face, it’s not our fault if every week some piece of shit cop does something stupid/incompetent/criminal.

This happened in Alabama, up near Guntersville as I recall, about ten years ago, except the cop in question deliberately shot himself in the middle of his vest and claimed a black man shot him during a traffic shot. It was the same sort of pattern: 24 hours of news outrage at the violence, and then the story came out. On that occasion, it seemed to be some desperate cry for attention. I suspect that this is not entirely unheard of, as they clearly look at this possibility when they investigate.