Manny Douche-mirez retires from baseball in shame.

Good riddance. Dude was a real pos.

It was a sad ending, but Manny was one of the most valuable players of my lifetime as well as the most entertaining. I will miss him.

“Douche-mirez”? Really? Is that the best you can do?

If CUBSFAN was on steroids he could have done better.

He was my favorite player of the generation for a long time and he even ended up on my favorite team. The whole situation just makes me sad, now.


And hopefully, the last, of the cheating bitches skulks of into a personal hell

He was entertaining in Boston, but he eventually wore out his welcome with his passive aggressive antics. If he didn’t like the way salary negotiations were going, he just stopped hitting, or he would take a few days off. No question he could play, when he wanted to. Everybody just got tired of kissing his ass.

You don’t really believe he’s the last, do you?

Manny was an awesome player for most of his career. He had more wacky moments than most, and he was always entertaining. Sad way to go out, but he made his own bed.

Another guy who makes you wonder what the game would have looked like without steroids.

He was done anyway. No more bat speed.

How About Douche-moron-ez?

Where do I go for a piss-test? :smiley:

1996 Cleveland Indians

Kenny Lofton
Omar Vizquel
Jim Thome
Albert Belle
Manny Ramirez
Eddie Murray
Carlos Baerga
Sandy Alomar Jr
Julio Franco

Jeromy Burnitz, Brian Giles, and Jeff Kent were bench players on that team.


God those were great teams.

Albert Belle famously made a big impression on Manny by setting the pitching machine at batting practices to only throw sliders low and away. I’m thinking that might not be all he taught him.

I can tell you that this is what really earned him the scorn of a lot of people in the game.

It’s too bad he cheated, because he really was an incredible hitter and at times an, um, entertaining outfielder. Last I heard, the stats also showed that his reputation for “quitting” in Boston was overstated. He certainly acted like an ass in shoving that trainer. Anyway he tested positive three times and put a major cloud over his own reputation, and you can’t say he got anything less than what he deserved.

So long, Ramirez, you cheating sack of crap! See you in the Hall of Fame! Assuming, of course, that you pay the admission fee at the gate like everyone else! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Just reading Manny’s wiki page, he is 2nd (to Lou Gehrig) in career grand slams and the all time leader in post season home runs. Manny has 29 and Bernie Williams is next at 22.

It looks like he will hold the record for post season homers for a long time as their no active player that is young enough to catch that it on pace. Jeter has 20, and Pujols has 13.

With zero World Series championships.

I don’t have any doubt that Manny Ramirez will be elected to the Hall of Fame. He was one of the greatest left-handed hitters of all time, who happened to get busted for PEDs trying to prop up his twilight seasons.

Quiet, you.

He was right handed, but it’s true, he was. More importantly, he was also one of the players who tested positive in the “secret” tests in 2003, which was hardly the twilight of his career.

Why the hell did I think he was a lefty?