Manny to the White Sox..too late?
Manny goes to the White Sox on waivers. How did that happen? Nobody else wanted him? It is practically free. He can shore up the DH spot quite well.
I wonder if he can keep out of trouble? Can he save the seaon for the Sox?

Even if he produces at 2008 levels (unlikely), it’s probably too late. They’re 4.5 games in the hole to the Twins, and 10 games behind in the wild card race.

They would have needed him a few weeks ago, before coughing up that series against the Twins, for it to have made a real difference.

Nah. Any one of the three teams can take the Central with a strong month like the White Sox and Twins had before and after the All Star Break, respective.

If Manny even hits half as good as he did when he became a Dodger, he’ll be a big acquisition.

I’m not suprised no one wanted him, he is really poisonous to a team. But if he’s motivated (which is the key) he might put up some good numbers. Whether or not it’s too late – well, it’s not impossible, but it’s going to be difficult.

There’s no way Manny can make that much difference for the White Sox. If the Sox have a chance, something else has to happen, something has to go wrong for the Twins.

The White Sox have a tougher schedule in September, with seven games against a desperate Boston team (who also will not make the playoffs unless disaster strikes somebody ahead of them). Other than that, they are mostly playing similar Central and West division games, and the Twins’ record against those teams is much better.

Actually the main reason the White Sox are even as close as they are now is that they laid a beating on weak NL teams in June; the Twins didn’t get to play Pittsburgh, Washington, and the Cubs. Take out interleague, and the White Sox are eleven games behind the Twins.

That is, the Twins’ record against Central opponents is much better. Against the West, they’re about even.

Here are the American League standings for the division going into August 31.

Minnesota 67-46 .593 -
Chicago 56-57 .496 11 GB
Detroit 54-59 .478 13 GB
Cleveland 48-65 .425 19 GB
Kansas City 47-66 .416 20 GB

You can not take out interleague play. You have to beat up the weaker teams. That is not new. Schedules are always imbalanced. But teams often fonder when they play the easy games. It gets to pitching matchups. The Senators stink but in a 3 game series you could face Strasberg and lose the first. Then you have to win 2. They have some hitters.

Bad teams win 40 percent of their games. League leaders are a little under 60 percent. The difference between a good team and a last place team is 1 game in 5. That is not that big a difference. It needs a long schedule to assert itself. That is why ,when a team makes the playoffs, they can go all the way. That is also why you can not dismiss a low team. They are full of professional ballplayers.

Right, but my point is the likely quality gap between the Sox and Twins is bigger than it presently appears–the Sox have had more opportunities against weak teams–and the remainder of the schedule is likely to emphasize the difference, not reduce it. Without Manny, you should expect the Sox to finish the season farther behind than they are now. With Manny… harder to say.

The White Sox have 31 games to play. They ought to have been able to win 15 of those without changing anything. If you think Manny’s going to make the difference, you’re saying that he will single-handedly turn more than a quarter of their coming losses into wins. I guess I shouldn’t have said “no way,” because it’s not impossible, but…

Hey, look, if the Sox can do it, I’ll be impressed to hell, and would root for them against the Yankees or Rangers in a playoff series.

To put that in a full-season context, this would be like one player turning an 81-81 .500 team into at least a 102-60 .630 team. When was the last time that happened?

I dunno LA is 9 games out, but they are in fourth place. Doubt if subtracting Manny from the Dodgers would allow them to pass four teams.

Well as a life long Pale Hose fan I appreciate Kenny W at least given it a shot. And who knows maybe somebody as crazy as Ozzie can actually appeal to a nut job like Manny. While listen to the four letter network last night I heard analyst after analyst just murder Manny like he committed the Limbergh kidnapping. I could never say that Manny is a perfect ethos of a guy who maximizes his skill… or really puts out for the team… Manny IS a nutjob… but that fuckin nutjob is a SIGNIFICANT reason while those Boston asshats finally won TWO world championships. Maybe Rob Neyer… Buster O and Jason Starkey need to remember that.

If the Twits go 16-15 the rest of the way, The Sox need to do 20-11 to tie. That is doable.

Well gosh - with that logic, maybe they just should have signed Schilling. Or just gone out and signed Jermaine Dye - he was the World Series MVP for the WSox!