Mantis Attack!

No mantis here either but a Big hornet in my garage. It sounded like a B-29. Used my high tech stand-off WMD also known as wasp and hornet spray on it.

Alas, we have no mantises out here in the Northwest corner of the US of A. We have no lightning bugs either, and I’ve always wanted to run through a field with lightning bugs all around. Actually, I’m gimpy so it would be more like walking carefully and hoping I don’t trip on something. Still, it would be cool.

TikkiDad and I were in the eastern part of the state last week. They have stealth mosquitos over there. I didn’t even realize I’d been bitten until a day or two later when where they bit started itching. Fortunately, they don’t generally care for the way I taste so the damage was minimal. They apparently don’t like the way TikkiDad tastes even less (or more, as the case may be). He appeared to come away totally unscathed.

The worst bugs were those biting flies up at Lake Osoyoos, near the Canadian border, though I don’t think the Canadians have anything to do with it. I saw one actually draw blood. A biting fly, that is, not a Canadian.

It’s definitely only you. But I still respect you, more or less… :stuck_out_tongue:
Ashes[sup]2[/sup], you’re more than welcome to come lend a hand. I’ve still got tons of boxes to unpack and all kinds of border to remove from walls.

You know what’s really freaky?
When the mantis egg case that no one knows is inside your fresh christmas tree decides that your family room is nice and warm, so why not everybody hatch at the same time? That’s freaky. Especially to a kid who has watched a film called “The Deadly Mantis”. Although, to be fair, even though there were hundreds of the suckers running around they turned out to be not so deadly.

But it was an interesting holiday that year.
I think I still have that old super-8 film in a box somewhere.

Borders? As in wallpaper borders? Those things are decorating eeeevil-- I’m so there, as soon as I can scrape up airfare FCMom. This may take a while, since I’m officially broke. You start without me and be sure to burn them once they’re down. You don’t want them to rise again, you know. Nothing worse than undead wallpaper.

Oh, and I’ve seen the pics of UglyHouse. You may want to put a silver bullet in those cupid things.

Growing up in the desert, I can usually trump anyone on icky/horrifying/deadly things to be found in the garage. Scorpions, tarantulas, brown recluses, regular wasps, a fifty pound beehive, tarantula wasps, sidewinders, coyotes; all just another day at the sand factory.

Nope, no mantises here…we just have wasps, flies, squeeters, flies (horse and deer), ants, and spiders; nothing that looks remotely like a mantis.

We’ve got a couple of wasp nest starts under our eaves. Unfortunately, they’re WA-A-A-A-Y up high, so we can’t just stand on the ground with our trusty wasp spray. We’ll have to pull out a ladder and THEN spray. I’m not looking forward to it.

We don’t own a power washer and we didn’t wash any of our rigs. Yes, I get to call the them rigs because they’re not small, easy cars to wash. Hubby has a great big F250 Super Duty with big ol wheels. I drive a Ford Explorer (okay, it’s a little smaller), but it still takes awhile to wash. We do however have regular “carwash” soap. Ours doesn’t smell lemony, but it is yellow.

We went to Northwest Trek (a free roaming wildlife park) yesterday. Well, the “range” type animals get to roam. The cougars, bears, wolves (you know, predators) have to stay in big penned off areas. Anyway, it was kinda cool and I took some photos for my MIL w/her camera. You know what? Bison stink! I mean they really stink. It seems they like to roll in their wallows (dirt holes). They pee in these wallows and then roll in them. You know the difference between a bison and a buffalo? Bison are NORTH American while buffalo come from the Old World. Therefore, we don’t have buffalo, we have bison. That’s enough for the nature lesson today.

I too am curious about the meeting between Swampy and MissTee . Where are they anyway. It is unusual for them not to post on a Monday.

Need to make some din-din now.

I’ve only seen a couple of praying mantises. I was told seeing one is good luck and that mantises are endangered. I’d love a sac of predator eggs to wipe out the icky bugs like skeeters and ants! Mebbe I’ll talk to the local garden stores.

I have two icky hornet stories.

When I was a kid we were looking for frogs at the park. My father was up front carrying my baby brother, I was in the middle and mom was bringing up the rear. I step into a nest and suddenly angry hornets are everywhere! I’m running and screaming. My father pitches the boy at my mother and tells her to run. Thankfully she caught him! I got stung a lot. In places that hurt. I swelled up like a balloon.

Just last year we had a hornet’s nest under our siding. You could hear them buzzing in the wall. We had the nice exterminator man come and he killed them by spraying stuff into the wall. For a couple of days you could hear the hornets buzzing as they tried to escape and died instead.

Anyone taken the drapes yet FCM?

Peter Lorre: My flux capacitor. Look what you’ve done to my flux capacitor!
Sydney Greenstreet: I do so love to talk to a man who loves to talk to a man who loves to talk. But your whining prattle is getting on my nerves. Plus you smell of gardinia.
Peter: That’s just my calling card!
Sydney: Be that as it may… Wilmer!
Wilmer: Please, call me “Icepick”.
Syd: Why would I do that?
Icepick: It’s something new I’m trying out.
Syd: Fine, fine. Icepick, please escort our Mr. Cairo to the nearest airlock and see him out.


You people with all your bugs are grossing me out. And it makes me realize that we don’t really have much insect life around here. An occasional daddy longlegs or a fly buzzing around is about it. Not much that really bites or stings very often. Except if you’ve got fleas. Which I did for awhile, even though I don’t have pets. I think they were coming in from next door where there are 3 cats. So I’d get flea bitten and not even get the joy of having a kitty. :frowning:

I disturbed a mantis out in the yard one day. She spread a wing to make herself look as big as she could, reared up and was ready to fight one and all. How do I know it was “she?” Well, the main clue was the agression and ill-temper. She acted like a teen-ager driving a Toyota. :wink:

Mr. Anachi has a pressure washer. It’s 'lectric…don’t work right now. He also has a chain saw which he’d like to use to cut up the pine tree that Charley left on the garage roof. It’s 'lectric, too…also not working right now. And did I say it’s really, really HOT!!!

I think praying mantises are pretty neat actually. One summer I had one resident in my pole beans. I found it by accident-nearly picked it because I thought it was a bean. The rest of the season I left it alone and had fewer pests in the garden than usual. When the bean vines withered it just disappeared.

If there has to be something amongst my produce I much prefer mantises to groundhogs.

  • ahem *

  • Shakes cane at MMPers *
    What’s goin on here?
    Where’s your sense of community?
    Where’s your pride in tradition?
    Where’s your joi de vie?
    Where’s Waldo?

Where is everybody?

Oh well, I’m back from Astoria. Nothing exciting to tell. It was very nice there. About 20 degrees cooler than in the valley. The economy has really taken off there and real estate prices are going way up.

chirp chirp chirp

Nice tie-in to the bug theme, bumba! I had a bug episode this morning. A dragonfly the size of a small Cessna was buzzing me the whole time I was on my treadmill. It really threw me off my stride. But I didn’t care…I got my power back and my treadmill is working again. LIfe is good! How’s zat? :smiley:

I’ve got no bug tie-in except that I’m taking another training course this week, and the instructor bugs me! (hah)

I swear, the man wastes more time talking about his political agenda and all kinds of personal crap, and when he does conduct the lecture, he goes off on tangents or just changes course in mid-thought, never to return.

Plus, the course is supposed to be about modeling refineries (like a computer model, not dressing up in refineries) but mostly what he says is it’s pretty much impossible to do a generic refinery model because every crude feed is different and the product outputs are different.

So why am I having to sit thru all this idiocy? Oh, yeah, because the boss said so.

So that’s my attitude post for the day. Training sucks. I was going to make a pit thread about it, but I don’t care that much.

So, no bugs and no pit thread. But we are going to buy some toilet innards today since the toilet in the master bath runs and runs and runs and the existing parts are too corroded to be fixed with a mere bending of the arm. That’ll be our big excitement tonight. Whoop!

FCM, I had to attend training yesterday on a database system. The problem was, we couldn’t get INTO the system. So, it was a waste of time. I broke for lunch and didn’t go back. I had too much to do at the office. It’s not like I could have done anything on the second part of the training…they were going to use the “live” system and I don’t have my password, etc yet because I don’t have my C2 certification. Sigh…

Well, I think I solved one of my spreadsheet problems today. We’ll see. I need to get the reconciliation data back and hopefully no one messed with the areas they shouldn’t have. :rolleyes:

I don’t have any interesting bug tie-ins either. Other than the whole spreadsheet issue was “bugging” me.

I had a meeting with my boss today to show him the progress I’d made and he seemed happy with it. Thank goodness. I know I put more pressure on myself than I receive from outside sources, but that’s just the way I am. I want to do a good job and get impatient with myself when things aren’t flowing correctly. The boss asked me if I’d finished my support form (for my performance appraisal)today and I had to tell him no. Seriously, this is a newly created position, and looking at my position description doesn’t really help me flesh out exactly what my intended goals/contributions are. He helped me out and gave me some good ones, but sheesh, I don’t know if I’ll meet the mark by 30 October. Ah well, I’ll deal with it when the time comes.

Still no Swampy and MissTee

Well, I need to think of what to prepare for dinner. I’m thinking “breakfast” for dinner sounds good.

Well, I had a mosquito bite me yesterday, so that’ll do for my bug tie-in. Also, I puked. And pooped. A lot. I think it was something I ate.

The things I post just to keep Bumbazine happy.

maybe Swampy and MissTee ran off to Aruba or something :dubious:

Last night I was going to catch up on my laundry that I didn’t get to do over the weekend cause my washer machine is lectric and I didn’t have none. Sooooo, when I get home I find that the Princess Without A Country [sup]TM[/sup] is locked in the utility room giving the cat a bath. Aforementioned cat is a domestic long hair and quite elderly, therefore, prone to mats and hairballs. The Princess has a lot of moxy and must have been pretty bored because Dotty (aforementioned cat) still has all her teeth and claws and tends to be cranky. Nevertheless, though I could hear plenty of snarling, spitting, and threats of drying Dotty in the clothes dryer, both emerged some time later unscathed. Dotty Kitty now looks like about half a cat, though. Anyhoo, I never got to do my laundry.

(Running out of undies again)

I’m back! No yay - I’m definitely not happy to be back. 10 days was a nice long break from work, though - and I’m definitely still feeling the afterglow of true relaxation.

So - short version - little brother got married - and aside from crashing flower vases, everything went beautifully. Vacation was a blast - lots of kids around=lots of pictures taken. This led to my youngest nephew, who is turning 2 tomorrow, walking around the living room holding square objects (biscuit, small etch-a-sketch) up to his right eye and yelling “Smile!”. Hehehe. So cute.

No major bugs that I saw - but they snuck in anyway, because I have bug bites.