Lazy wet MMP

About 6pm last night, the front rolled thru; the sky was so dark, it looked like winter. Another line of showers around midnight & forecasts for more during the night would mean a wet ride this morning (& subsequent required cleaning) so I decided to be lazy & sleep in. Apparently others had an excuse as I don’t see a new MMP yet. So, what’s your excuse for not getting up & starting a new one?


Beat me to it.

No rain for me. The radar returns I watched seem to part once they hit the Potomac River, and the storms passed on both sides.

What I would have offered as an OP: My sister is going to compete in the Indiana Warrior Dash next weekend, and hopes to finish without a cardiac arrest. The best part is her team name and t-shirt. Using the appropriate color yellow and typeface to look like the candy box, they are known as ‘MILF Duds’.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up, caffienated and at irk. ‘Tis currently 74 Amurrkin with a predicted high of 87 and rain. Accordin’ to TPTB weather folk, a line of tstorms is headed our way as I post. Bring it on, I say!

It rained durin’ the night but I don’t know if it stormed. I did wake up to go pee at around elevinish last night and saw a flash of lightnin’ but it was several seconds before I heard a thunder rumble so it was a ways off. I went right back to sleepyland after that. All the way in to irk this mornin’ I could see that it had rained a bunch after that.

BBBobbio HEE! Good luck to VunderSis!

Ok, I gotta get back to irk. I should say start to irk. ICK! A day of irk followed by Vestry meetin’ at the church house tonight. Rah.

Happy Monday Y’all!


We live in Mosesville. The storm clouds bear down on us in a thick line, then part and bring their watery goodness to communities east and west of us before coming back together and moving south in an unbroken line.

According to weather radar we don’t exist.

Little sleep here. Stayed up very late watching the Mars landing, now I have to leave for the Dr’s office in 15 minutes. Will probably get a nap in before work today.

There’s not enough blurf in the world to describe how I feel today.

I’m tired of weather that can only politely be described as “sultry.”

The TV people are more direct - they keep showing the dew point chart where 70+ is “DISGUSTING” and we’ve been right at 69 for the past few days. Yech.

Good morning - I’m finally up. I started watching Bleak House on Netflix late last week, and late last night, I decided to watch the last 2 episodes. I turned the TV off just before midnight, and after **FCD **left a bit after 5, I rolled back over and didn’t see the clock again till nearly 9. I am showered, dressed in grubbies, and working on caffeination.

My daughter is supposed to be here in about half an hour to help me move a pile of lumber from the shed to the garage. We’re being threatened with rain, but like lieu, we live in Mosesville East, altho I will have some plastic sheeting standing by in case the sky does open halfway thru our task.

I was going to do laundry also, but tomorrow will be the better day for that, and we have enough clothes for at least one more day. :wink:

Yay for the Mars Rover landing! I did hear that much on the morning news before I went back to sleep. I guess a lot of guys at NASA will be sleeping a bit better tonight.

And boo for a stupid moving called Sunshine - I think I strained something trying not to make snarky comments while **FCD **was watching it yesterday. I don’t care what the linked summary says about it - this: “realism and detail on an astrophysical level” line almost made me choke just now. Idiotic story, predictable “twists”, and overall bad acting made it the trifecta of suck. Even **FCD **realized how dumb it was and turned it off about 30 minutes before it ended - even he didn’t care.

Oh, and the supposed cold front that was coming thru yesterday apparently didn’t - it’s still hot and ick.

And here we are again - Happy Monday!!

It rained in Key West last night. 1st World vacation problems. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on vacashon, bubba. No creating MMPs.

Plus, if I was creating MMPs any time I get to the Dope on MM and there ain’t one yet, I’d be creating one any week I’m at work :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m 1h ahead of BooFae, the redhead’s being lazy, Dotty has forgotten us…)

The weather is supposed to go back from “cool” (max about 25ºC, I’m on vacation so do your own conversions) to “hot/bloody hot depending on location” (max between 30ºC and 40ºC depending on location). I’m so happy to be in the below-36ºC area.

Finished the first draft of the novel, along with some notes of things to fix. Cleaned house. Managed to get to work at 7 instead of 8, which means I get to leave so much earlier! (We have a flexible start time).



We reached only 99 yesterday. Today back to 105. Urgh.

I have many many things to do that involve spreadsheets and power points. Non of which I really want to do. Oh well it pays the bills and I only have to suck it up until the end of this month. :smiley:


Plans for the day involve going to finish paying for my hockey ticket and start thinking about packing for the Tennessee trip next week. When I get back from there, I’m going on a cross-country road trip - my very first!

I will be driving with my best friend to New Mexico to pick up some furniture from her daughter’s apartment. Since her daughter’s husband is Air Force, I am not sure why they are not having the military move it, but since it gets me a look as parts of the country I’ve never seen before I’m quite looking forward to it.

After more than a week of horrible heat and humidity, I woke up to 73°. I’m going to take advantage of that. The Jeep top is coming off and I’m off to UConn to do work study paperwork.
I’m almost ready for totally solid food! After almost a full week of insane nausea, I can eat a banananana without wanting to die. The rice didn’t go over so well last night but I’m thinking it might today. We’ll see.

Amen! The heat here is bad enough, but lately it’s been ‘sultry’ on top of it. Bleargh.

On the plus side, I have lots to unpack and sort away in the new house, and I actually enjoy that kind of thing, yay!

Need caffeine, though.

Urk! My sympathies. What’s extra annoying about that kind of ‘sick’ is that I think ‘hey, at least I must have lost a couple pounds!’ but I never do. :frowning:

shortdrum yay for the sick startin’ to go away.

It’s sultry here this time of year. It always has been and it always will be. Ya learn to deal. It’s cloudy, rainyish and sultry out right now. I’ve been out and about for a couple of hours and it’s just ick. Sultry and ick are synonymous with August.

Now I shall have me some N.O.L. I had just enough of yestiddy’s casserole leftover for a nice N.O.L. today. Good thing cause, it’s good and I’s hongry!

Feel better, congo!

I’m home waiting for the repair guy to come fix a couple different things. I suppose I should be doing something productive, but I’m not. :slight_smile:

I was push polled this weekend, and I was proud of myself for catching on and telling them to go to Hell. For those who don’t know what a push poll is, it’s a phone survey that starts out to be a legit poll, and when your opinions are revealed to be against those of the sponsor, they try to browbeat you into changing your mind to suit theirs.

The topic was gambling in Maryland, and the poll was apparently by an anti-gambling interest. My position is that I don’t like gambling because I think it’s a waste, but if other people wanna, let them. After about 20 minutes, the questions went into the browbeating phase.

“I think this is a push poll.”

Pollster reads prepared statement about sponsorship by anti-gambling interests, then continues on without taking a breath.

“I also think this call is over…” then I slammed the phone on my desk about 3 times before hanging up. If you want my opinion, ask for it, but don’t pull this bullshit on me. I tend to not play nicely.
:rolleyes:, with side helpings of :wink: and :smiley: