Will This Be The MMP?

One never knows does one? We’ll either have one or two. Or maybe even three! We’re madcap we mumpers are! :smiley:

So I don’t have a topic per se not that that matters. So, here’s today’s weather forecast from south Jawja. 'Tis currently 73 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 94 and hyooooooooomid. Gee, is it Summer ya reckon?

That’s all I got. Time for more caffiene and rumbly tummy must be fed. Then, alas, it’s Monday so irk purtification must commence. Tonight is men’s night over to the church house so I got steaks marinatin’ and beer chillin’. Sump’n good to look forward to at least.

Happy Monday Y’all!

Let the hijack commence!

I got nuthin.

Taz must die!!!

I had a terrible night - I couldn’t fall asleep till after 1. I woke up around 4:30-ish to pee, and **FCD *was up and getting ready for his trip at 5. When he was gone, I rolled over and drifted off, till about 6:30 when ^)(%#@^&(%&@# Taz decided the very same bed was the perfect place to start a scratch-a-thon. He had the entire king-size mattress shaking as if there was an earthquake. I kept trying to push him off, but it’s a big bed and removing him require that I move. I was so pissed that I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Instead, I’m going down to the shop to build a kitteh-sized guillotine. Damned cat. :mad:

Today’s plans, assuming I don’t die of exhaustion, include buying pectin and peaches for jam and spot-cleaning the carpet -there are many cat-hork spots that taunt me daily. I also have to call the bursar at the college - I tried to sign up for a sign language class and the website said I needed to contact the bursar. I have no idea why, so that’s on my to-do list.

I just want some sleep. :frowning:

Yeah yeah happy Monday. Bite me.

Up, caffeinated, off to irk


I just remembered it was my morning to bring a snack to class. There are 25 of us so I’m thinking it’s going to be something simple like granola bars and fruit that I grab at Giant Eagle on my way.

It is 57 degrees outside and raining. Well, it’s summer, what else do you expect here in soggy Eng-er-land?

In brighter news, I have a four-day week and then I’m off to Antwerp on Friday for a long weekend. I hope it’s a bit brighter over there!

I just got a call from my most-frequent agent, who may already have my next gig lined up (in Bilbao. Pinchos for dinner. A hotel where books left behind by guests are available for anybody who wants to pick one up. Going home every weekend. The horror!). Followed closely by one from another agent, who apparently hadn’t looked at my CV before calling, but just picked it from her database’s filter: my CV does include the key words she was asking about but they’re not my field, they’re “in combination with…”.

Grandma is sad that I won’t be able to take her for walkies every Sunday but she said “I’m glad you were here these months, and maybe if I’m lucky you’ll get a job hereabouts again.” I’d say I’m more and more convinced that the reason she was so spazzy the last two years of Gramps’ life were depression and not senility like my mother thinks, but you can’t be more than 100% convinced; it’s nice to see her back among the smiling.

I’ve signed up for French 2 and Basque 1 in my local Official Languages School. If I get a job I’ll sign-down, but if I don’t, at least I’ll be able to move my Basque from “understands basic vocabulary” to “massacres basic grammar”.

I just got the Hubby off to irk. I should be going back to bed, since it’s still cool at 5:10 AM, but I’m not sleepy. Yes, summer finally arrived.

We’re going to the King Tut exibit tomorrow. It will take about 4 hours to see everything. Then, we’ll walk through the new Chihuly glass garden. We’ll have lunch first. It’s going to make for a long day for this fat, old lady, but it should be worth it.

picu be sure to sing while tourin’ the King Tut exhibit. Everyone will love it! I promise! :smiley:

Cool! “The stone that cuts”=scissors. Supposedly. :slight_smile:
Perhaps the Basque shepherd joke would be inappropriate…

I can talk Swampy into telling it!

This MMP contribution (questionable) will be about the SNM (Sunday Night Movie). So I’ve always enjoyed watching movies in the context of the cast and what else they’ve done, looking for bit players, etc. Last night provided a little entertainment with the opening scene from 58s’ South Pacific, the adaptation of Michener’s book that I enjoyed so much. I don’t know if I’d ever seen the opening before so I literally burst out laughing when there, piloting the PBY taking Joe Cable to an island, was none other than Tom Laughlin who 9 years later would write, direct and star in the four part Billy Jack series. I completely forgot he also went on to run for POTUS 3 times, most recently in 2008 (47 votes). He said he was the least qualified person in the US to run, except for Bush. In South Pacific the person that was Forbush was, of course, Mitzi Gaynor.

StickyBuns I say the class snack should be twinkies and chawklit milk. Or, if you want more healthy, Fig Newtons and grape juice. Nah… somebody will spill the grape juice and stain the carpet. Better make it apple juice.

FlyTrap I am not as up on Basque shepherd jokes as I should be, so I don’t know the joke. It’s a shortcomin’. Should I be ashamed?

lieu admit it, you’ve been singin’ I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair all day haven’t you? :smiley:

When I die, I’m going to Heaven cuz I’ve already spent my time in Hell, which is northern Illinois busting hot records. Today 97, tomorrow 98 (or 100 depending on which weather idiot forecaster you believe). Cool down into the mid 80s for the rest of the week which is good because the county fair starts Wednesday and I FINALLY found people to go on the tilt-a-whirl with me, then eat corn dogs.

Much better than people who eat corn dogs, then go on the tilt-a-hurl uh whirl.

I’m back online! Didja miss me?

OK, I’m going to the store now. Then I’ll clean the carpet. Really.

Still pissed at the cat, tho.

Hey, Spaz!! Where ya been hiding???

I’ll have to look that one up, but it seems perfectly logical.

One story Dad used to tell involved two different dialects referring to the telephone and radio as, respectively, “the speaking box”+“the speaking box with no tail” and “the speaking box with a tail”+“the speaking box”. Perfectly logical names, with enormous confusion caused by which box reached which area first.

I need to get some styrofoam to package a hard drive for shipping. Anybody know where I could get some? I need a block of it, not peanuts.

As to where I’ve been, well, my cat5 cable coupler went out and it took me a couple of weeks to figure it out. :smack:

Perhaps an arts and crafts store.

About to run out the door, but you can get sheet styrofoam at places like Lowe’s in the insulation department.

And now, off to buy peaches and pectin…