I Don't Have A Topic, But Here's The MMP

Since we don’t have one yet, I’ll make this attempt to start the new MMP. No topic, like that matters anyway. We just need to have a new one so here 'tis!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis71 Amurrkin out and partly cloudy (dark actually) with a predicted high of 87 and kinda sorta N.O.S. for the day with the possibility of rain/tstorms/apocalypse this afternoon. Or not. Today is spiff da cave day. Rah. We shall sup upon tacos. OLÈ!

Now I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, let the defilthyfyin’ commence!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

It’s like a sauna outside!! Weird, because it’s hovering just below 80°, but there’s 947% humidity! We usually leave the window in the basement stairwell open since the cat box lives there, but when I went to clean the box this morning, the walls felt wet! Condensation on the cooler side of the stairwell - ick! So the window’s closed and with luck, the damp will abate. Eventually. We’re promised a soggy week.

And on top of that, I tried to log in to this computer with the wrong password. Thankfully, it doesn’t lock you out after 3 tried, because I remembered it on the 4th attempt.

Happy Moanday!

Happy Moonday!

It’s a dark and cloudy 72 degrees outside.
It’s supposed to rain all day today and the high is predicted to be 79.

I feel a bit blurfy this morning. I woke at 4, damn bladder; between the thunderboomer and the trash people I had trouble falling back asleep.

Nothing special to do today. Some phone calls to make, some bills to pay. Finish up the stuff I didn’t get done yesterday.

I went to bed at 6:30last night. Woke up a few times for the bathroom. Crazy. It’s not like I ran a marathon yesterday. Today is irk. Whatevs.

Morning all. Like swampy, it’s 71F here, only going to 82F today. Rain chances have decreased, however, so if no rain today the lawn will be watered.

Still need to clear the kitchen out for the remodelers, prevarcated all weekend but I will get it done today…I think.

Moooomm, my computer gives me a hint when I mess up the login.

MetalMouse - part of my password includes the month (I change it on the 1st of ever month) but I brain-farted and was thinking it was still June. Once I got the date straight, it was all good. I hadn’t had caffeine - that’s my excuse.

I have bad blurf this morning. Couldn’t sleep last night, it was too humid and muggy, and when I finally did get to sleep I slept right through til 11.30. I am off and don’t have much to do today, so it doesn’t really matter, but I have’t done that in ages.

My main important thing to do today is already done; start harassing Uni. For some reason, we (and I have checked with other classmates) haven’t had a bunch of results that we should have had by the first week in July at the latest. I was told they were juuuust waiting on the second opinion check back in June, but it’s just dragged on, and on, and they’re not replying to emails.
I’m personally not all that worried, I don’t think I messed up badly on any, and I think I’m through to next year whatever they are, but that is not the case for one of my friends, and besides, being this late is Not On. Said friend has enough on her plate right now, including a Mum with cancer, and really does not need the extra stress.
'Cos I do the stoodint outreach stuff, I know a few more options to try pester as well.

Aside from that, I plan to go check the small buzzy things, which shoulda been checked at the weekend really, but I’m pretty confident they’re not likely to swarm right now and they should have food. It wound up being a really busy weekend, and the only time I got free really wasn’t very good weather for checking them, it felt really stormy, which gets them wound up. Didn’t get any real rain though.

Plus I need to do washing and food shopping. If I can cope with the excitement.

That was one of the most exhausting 3-day weekends I’ve ever had. Spend all day Friday running errands and doing laundry and such so we could spend all day Saturday and Sunday with my husband’s extended family. We went places, we had board game nights, we hung around… but I’m done. I need a couple nights in my own house.

Also, somehow we decided to take the kids camping this upcoming weekend. My 5-year-old is totally pumped, but my 2-year-old will have no idea what’s going on. I’ve never gone camping with little kids, so I’m trying to figure out how to keep them safe, warm, and enjoying their time. Especially since my 2-year-old will not stay in a sleeping bag. He hates being confined like that. So if anyone has tips for camping with kiddos, I’m looking for advice!

I think I was in grade school before we began camping, but I hated it. I hated sitting in a boat for hours on end, trying to catch fish that I hated eating. (I was convinced that I would die if I swallowed a bone.) I still hate hearing a zipper in the morning, because I was going to have to get out of bed in the cold, cold dark. I hated outhouses.
Perhaps if my parents had waited until I was older, things would have gone better.

I should phone my dad and ask if his sister, my aunt, is all right. She and her partner and my cousins live in a neighbourhood where there was a shooting last night. :frowning:

Up and adulting. Knoebels on Thursday and Friday so anything this week throws at me is OK. Can’t wait to see all the kinfolk and friends there again.

The sun came out for a bit, now it is all dark and gloomy again.

I was going to sit outside for a bit with the critters but they are napping. Napping is a good thing, it keeps them out of trouble.

I decided to stop by because I’m supposed to be doing something else. In theory, catering a wedding is something that I really enjoy doing. But in practice, the planning stages drive me nuts and that’s what I’m working on right now.

So, hi everyone, how have you been? :smiley:

This day is dragging - still more than an hour to go…

My parents started me before I can remember and we carried right through until I left for university. I can’t stand it. I like nature, but camping drives me stark raving me mad.

I’ll try to get a longer “Alaska” post organized, but for now Happy Monday. Everyone seems to be alive and well. Hubby is back to work tomorrow. We may go see a movie this afternoon. That seems to be about the extent of our plans.

Midget: Family OK?

Howdy StickyBuns; we’re all hanging on OK, with the usual life problems and triumphs. Y’all need to stick around awhile.

Juliet. I have never been camping so I can’t provide any real advice, but taking a 2 year old out into the wilderness for several days seems like an extraordinarily bad idea. Get some rest now, you probably won’t get any during the trip.

Nut, give’em hell! Sometimes folks at University level can be as bad as Government bureaucrats are supposed to be, so get after them.

Bought some packing for the dishes so I can finish cleaning out my kitchen. Got a note from my contractor, they will drop off a dumpster and some of the working materials tomorrow, but work may not start until next week (one of his foremen needed to go to hospital). Gives me more of a chance to finish off the food in my refrigerator–that noted, I also bought a mini-fridge, we’ll see how that works out for the future.

I loved camping as a kid and still do. My Dad started me young as well.

We took our kids camping when they were young and they seemed to enjoy it. At the time, we had a camper, so that definitely helped. We also took them tent camping and they enjoyed that as well. BLUF: Just keep them occupied with games, little treasure hunts, walks and they will be fine. Besides, camping naps are the BEST!

We’re not going for days… basically just an afternoon/evening. We’re going some places on our way to the campsite Saturday morning, getting to the campground around 3ish and hanging out there for the afternoon/evening. We’ll spend the night and take it all apart after breakfast. So if he totally hates it, it’s just one night. I never went camping with my family as a kid; we were very much city folk. I wish we had gone camping and spent more time in nature. To this day, I’d rather hear traffic than crickets as I fall asleep. But I want to have that kind of experience while they’re young so it’s not so jarring and weird when they get older, like it is for me.

I’m going to bring along some games and toys. My son loves to roll, throw and bounce balls, so I’ll bring a few large, brightly colored balls for him to toss around. He also likes his trucks and cars, so I’ll bring a few of those for him to drive (push) around the campsite. I’m more concerned with keeping his little body comfy at night. I’m bring a foam pad for him to sleep on, and he’ll be in warm footie jammies, but I’m not sure if it’ll be enough for his tiny body when paired with a warm blanket. (Ok, he’s wearing 4T clothing, so he’s not tiny for his age… but he’s still tiny to me.)

I don’t remember the first time I went camping- I must have been pretty tiny, if not as tiny as the youngest attendee on the camping trip/mini festival I was at this year, who I think was about 12 days old when he arrived…

One night in decent weather should be OK with a toddler, the trips I didn’t enjoy as a kid were all the ones where we went for a week and it rained, but we didn’t have anywhere to get dry, or to cook anything. Soggy, cold and eating baked beans out of the tin because the bread’s gone mouldy. Not fun. Plus the thinnest foam mattresses that human ingenuity could devise. I do remember good camping trips as well, but the bad ones were normally spectacularly bad.

Did virtually nothing today, aside from send emails to people. I didn’t get round to checking on the bees, just felt too washed out. Hopefully I’ll get some energy by tomorrow.

You had mattresses? I had a sleeping bed and a wobbly cot.