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Monday Morning Blues

Ah got the Monday mawnin’ blues
Da Ta Da Dum
Ah got the Monday mawnin’ blues.
Da Ta Da Dum
Ah gots to go to irk
Fix da intertubes alert
Da Ta Da Dum
Just reboot can’t you see,
And ah can have my coffee.

Is it Monday in Central Ark already?


: claps wildly :

It sure as Hell feels like it.

soon enough. Anyway, it’s already Monday for BooFae and Lunch and Nava and HRH’s mom (whose screen name escapes me just now).
For the rest of all y’all: here. :smiley:

Christ on a crutch…I mean, Moses and Aaron on a stick, already!

Mrs. Plant v.3.0 sent her sprout off to school in Chile at the airport.
For six months. I’ll have an e-cig, a glass of caberet savigion, however you spell it, and go cuddle.


It can’t be the new MMP, 'cause that means it’s Monday, which is an irkday.


I’m goin’ to sleep now, cause it’s still Sunday on the East Coast & I canz still dream of nice things, not irkweek things.

LOL- still Sunday in New Mexico. :slight_smile: HRH’s Mom is DottyGumDrop, who hasn’t posted in the MMP is a long time, but she’s still around, I think. :slight_smile: Is it Ramadan now maybe?

I caught “Small Town Security,” on AMC tonight; it comes on right after Breaking Bad. Ooh boy, that is one wild show! It’s a reality show too, and I thought it was one of those shows that is filmed to look like a reality show but isn’t, but no - this one is all real! All I can say is it’s gotta be seen to be believed. :smiley:

Good Monday btw.

Already an irkday in Spain, but hey, it’s my last monday at the current irk. The next three weeks will be vacation, wheeee!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis 75 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 95. Summer it is!

Herbs I believe Dotty mentioned sump’n about it bein’ Ramadan over on the book of faces.

I am sneezin’ up a storm this mornin’ and don’t know why. I sneeze every few seconds.

My nose is itchin’
Da Ta Da Achoo
It’s makin’ me sneeze
Da Ta Da Achoo
Don’t know what’s causin’ it
Da Ta Da Achoo
Just wish it’d stop please

That’s as good as I can do on limited caffiene. :smiley:

Fun OP FlyTrap!

Now I shall seek more caffiene and brekkie for rumbly tummy. Then, alas and alack, irk purtification must commence. Conference call this mornin’. ICK!

Happy Monday Y’all!

Good morning! It’s not so much blue as gray here - at least so far. I can’t tell if it’s gloomy out or it’s just that pre-sunrise semi-darkness. I’m up - that’s all that matters, right?

Got an email last night from one of the women who run the store. Apparently my pottery is selling well and they want more. Guess I know what’s on tap this week. I woke up an hour ago and I was lying in bed trying to figure out what I can make up fast. I’ve got a few ideas so once **FCD **is on his merry way back to Johnstown, I’ll be heading down to my studio.

Well, my sweetie is up and in the shower, so I guess I should dress and help him pack the truck, then get to work myself.

Happy Monday!!

Blurf. I got nuthin.

First official day on the job.



And here we go!!!

Up, caffeinated, off to irk

**FCD **is on his way to PA yet again. The dishwasher is sloshing along. I’m finishing breakfast before retreating to play with mud.

Good luck, Soapy! I’m sure you’ll kick ass, metaphorically, anyway. Unless actual ass-kicking is part of your new job description, in which case, I hear pointy-toed shoes have a nice effect. :smiley:

I want a muffin. * Paging Muffin Fairy!!!*

Go, Soapy! (Also, I hear BooFae has a pointy stick.)

Hiding in a sunny corner in that part of the factory my coworkers never visit wouldn’t be professional, would it?

Nava, in my opinion, a good engineer must know every nook and cranny of the facility he/she supports. Especially the sunny ones. :wink:

Off to Worcester today. My stepfather has cataract surgery today and I’m the chauffeur because my mother driving is a scary thing indeed.

*I got them low-down-don’t-wanna-do-what-I-gotta-dooooooooooooo…

♪♫♫ ♪♫♪♫ ♪♪♪ ♫♪♫♫♪ ♫♪♫


OK, no more goofing off. I’m heading to my studio. Even tho I’d rather be taking a nice mid-morning nap…