The Weather Forecast MMP

Since I always tell y’all the daily forecast for south Jawja, I might as well just start off the MMP with it, right? :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis 65 Amurrkin out which is actually kinda chilly for this time of year, with a predicted high of 93 for the day which is a bit below normal for August temps.

Now irk purtification must commence. Gotta go deal with the north forty this mornin’.

How’s the weather where you are?

Happy Monday!


Blurf. Other than reporting a routine eye doctor appointment later today, I got nuthin.

ETA: The weather? Here in southern Merrylande, it’s gorgeous this morning. But I’m sure it will get back to normal soon enough.

It’s 68 and cloudy in Raleigh, with an expected high temp of 88 degrees Amurikin.

And I’m up, caffeinated, and off to irk.

Good morning everyone. It is currently 56 degrees with an expected high of 81 today.

I had a wonderful time at my friend’s weekend birthday bash. We spent all day Friday, Saturday and part of yesterday up at a beautiful cabin up on the Wenatchee River in the mountains. It was HOT, but we had a great time. Great time, great food, great people, wonderful scenery and even spawning salmon. Those suckers were gigantic. We did not attempt to catch any of those. These salmon were on their way to the light, if you know what I mean.

I thought I’d sleep in today, but no dice.

Good morning!! I knew it was supposed to cool a bit, so I opened the house last night. It was a glorious 65° when I awoke and I think I’ll leave the windows up till it hits 75, because I can! :smiley: We’ll creep way too close to 90 before the day is done, but at least I can enjoy the morning…

Well, enjoy in that I have to mow and it’s pleasant enough that I won’t have a stroke while I’m doing the ditch. I’ll be getting out there after I finish breakfast. How long can I spend on this yogurt?? :wink:

Referencing the last MMP, **Spidey **said you need to have at least 6 letters to search, when in fact, you can search on 4. Gotta put that out there because I’m nit-picky. :stuck_out_tongue:

swampy, since you dumped the email that I had for you, I guess you missed out on the b-day ecard this year, and it would have really amused you. Oh well, your loss… Guess I’ll have to update my contact list before next July. Like I need *another *chore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Apart from cutting the grass, I’ll be doing some time in my studio today. I’ll also be working on a few more pairs of the texting mitts. Lots to get done before I go back to work, assuming I do go back to work. **FCD **is pretty sure it’ll happen, but 3 people have to OK it and so far he’s only talked to one of them. I have no idea if any of them will want to talk to me or not. I haven’t had to do a job interview in over 8 years… Heck, I’ve only done 4 in my life!! Not that I’m worried - I am, after all, me! :wink:

Happy Monday!

MOOOOOOM you’re right it’s you! They should hire you just for that reason. Or because you can do whatever it is that’d you’d be doin’. Either way works. :smiley: I might just have to check to see if I can see that card. Who knows. I ain’t payin’ aol but they might still let me check email. I’m bettin’ they have not dumped that account. From what I understand they never actually do.

Instead of the north forty I am goin’ to the east forty. Gotta go deal with some issues over there. Le sigh. It all pays the same.

So let’s call it the “Monday Morning Post Thingie”.


Total change of subject post: My mom just bought a new riding mower and she was going to take her old one to the dump. It is a piece of crap - missing the hood entirely, plus the brakes are essentially gone - but the engine runs and it still cuts grass. I told her she could probably get $50 for it, so I put an ad on Craigslist for her.

A guy called and wanted all kinds of details - age/model number/horsepower - then asked if she was firm on the price. He wants to quibble over $50 for a riding mower??? Criminy, the parts alone are worth much more than that! Yeah, she just wants to be rid of it, but this guy sounds like a jerk of the first order. Unless he’s a moron who can’t read and thought she was asking $500, in which case, dickering would make sense. I dunno - some people…

Since I placed the ad, I had to use my email, and this morning, I had a response from someone else wanting the mower. I sent him her number even tho it’s in the ad and told him to call her. At least he wasn’t asking for a discount.

Here in Northeastern Ohio it is currently 61 with a high today of 84. That is, in the family room. In the living room it might be different as my phone says I’m in a different city. Same story with the bedroom, too.

I’m just slowly getting ready to start on today’s lunch, a baked potato bar.

Dang StickyBuns just how big is your house! :stuck_out_tongue:

Some people get off on that, FairyChat.

Some folks like to haggle, some folks like carnivorous plants and killifish. :slight_smile:

In northern Illinois (50 miles west of Chi-town) it is currently raining and 63. Supposed to stop raining later with a high of 75. It’s a lovely rain, gently pattering down. It can rain all day. We’re officially in a drought and can use all the precip we can get.

I’m going out to lunch twice this week (Chinese and pizza, my 2 favorite going out to eat fuds) so I expect my weight loss will stall.

Maybe **sticky’s **house straddles the International Date line…

It’s 82 now and suppossed to reach 95 later. Every time I worked in the yard for more than 20 minutes yesterday my shirt was soaked with [del]perspiration[/del] sweat.

I’d planted a Dogwood tree in the spring, picking a spot shaded for most of the day in the hope it could survive the heat. I’ll pull it today because it’s burned up, brown as my shoes. Doggone.


It’s pretty well been cold and wet all summer here- more so than usual, I mean. Normally we at least get a few weeks of warm at this time of year, but we’ve been lucky to get a few days in a row. Gettin’ sick of it- anyone want to swap some spare temperature for some of our spare rain? Preferably in a compatible format, remember we use centigrade.

I’m starting to get pretty apathetic from the grey weather, so not been doin’ much, though I did start my first foray into home brewing yesterday, with a gallon of blackberry wine bein’ started off. I want to keep checking on it, to see if it’s doing anything exciting, but that’s probably not a good idea… Was far too many wild blackberries to leave 'em all for the birds though this year, so have to give it a go! :smiley:

Waste not, want not. :slight_smile:

Mawnin all

Houston shall be hawt hawt hawt

96/35 with a heat index of 109/43 possible afternoon thundies. I will hide in the cave for a while

Happy Monday all

That is all


The ditch and the lawns are mowed. Flower boxes are watered. And, alas, the house is closed up again because it’s nearly 80 outside and the temp in the house was starting to climb. It was nice while it lasted.

MIL called to double-triple check about their airline reservations for next week. She is such a worrier, but I will confirm that their reservation is still valid and all that. I need to do some checking with TSA also - she’s got a heart monitor so she’s not supposed to go thru the metal detector or be wanded. **FCD **told her to tell the person when they check their bags and find out what they need to do. She does have a paper from the doctor and I would hope that will satisfy TSA. Plus she’s a short little grey-haired grandma with a very soft, sweet voice - obviously a prime candidate for a body cavity search… :rolleyes: The more we can tell them ahead of time, the less panicky she’ll be… I guess. I’m sure she’s worrying about hurricanes during our cruise, or the ship sinking, or pirates. She’s very entertaining. :smiley:

So goeth my morning. I think it’s time for some lemonade.

MD / DC already told by others.

The DC PBS Started a new subchannel called WETA-UK which is nothing but British tv. To my delight they have been running one and two hour blocks of Red Dwarf, a space based sitcom (for those unaware.) Last night while on the internet I discovered they have recently shot another series (first in 15 years) which is to air soon in the UK, unknown eta in the states.

So I stayed up far too late watching that stuff last night on the DVR.


Guess What!!! A miracle has occurred! Hosebeast got all that stuff I sent back right! I have a pile of paperirk that is all done right! I have to send it in but what I really want to do is build a shrine to the miracle of Hosebeast’s two functionin’ brain cells rubbin’ together finally. :smiley:


Doesn’t that mean it’s time to go home, drink a beer and cook something?

(Just a trend I’ve been noticing…)