Manual signatures in thread - same "rule" as automated signature?

I can’t recall if it’s an Official Rule or not, but there’s at the very least a strongly worded suggestion in effect here that, if you have a Signature, you only post it once a page, or once a thread, so that it doesn’t annoy the everloving bleep out of other posters.

There are a couple of posters who *type *the same signature sign off with every post, so it’s not technically a Signature in the strictest sense. But, it’s basically the same thing, right? Loophole? One we’d like to consider closing, maybe?

(I know, I know, if this is the most pressing worry I’ve got today, it’s a good day. But it’s bugging my OCD tonight.)

The rule on this:

Oh, thanks!

Does this push the envelope, perchance?

Smiley faces and everything every time!

Honestly, I am getting tired of James Otto Sweet Heart posting this kind of pointless shit over and over again. I am most annoyed by how she (he?) keeps on putting three emoticons in her posts.

shijinn prefers to read a post on its own merits, and a signoff forces shijinn to regard the poster with every post. this is doubly exasperating with one word posts or posters with verbs in their names.
God bless you always!!! :):):slight_smile:


I believe that three exclamation points and three emoticons would definitely fit the bill of “pushing the envelope”

God bless your regards :),


God bless you always!!! :):):slight_smile:


Nooooooooooo! Make the blessings and smilies stop! It burns!

It does seem too trite.
Whatevers. :dubious: :dubious: :dubious:


Regards, :):):slight_smile:

It certainly changes my opinion of the poster. The political incorrectness of wishing the blessings of God on a group of strangers who may or may not share your beliefs is presumptuous and arrogant.

I just skim over the posts and treat them like speed bumps: annoying but not terribly difficult to deal with.


Bless your heart!

The multiple smileys and exclamation points in every frigging post are beyond annoying and I would certainly not object to some mod action on this.

So report her.

This is a wonderful idea! I highly recommend everyone do it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

God bless the ignore function!!! :):):slight_smile:

I hope you all don’t hate that I sign every post, because it is an ingrained habit at this point. I promise I will never do smilies on a regular basis.


Blow me!!!:o:o:o


Praise Ceiling Cat, who be watchin yu, may him has a cheezburger.