Manufacturing Anthrax

Now that Tom Daschel’s office was sent a much purer form of the Anthrax spore, I am more worried. Before, I figured it was just some nut like the Mad Bomber. How elaborate do the lab facilities have to be to carry out the process and what supplies would one need? Could someone do it in secret like in their garage or basement? Or in a shack in the Montana wilderness? Could you buy what was needed without arrousing suspicion? If not, someone out there knows who is doing this and it is only a matter of time before they send an anonymous tip to the FBI. Or, I wonder if there were any reported thefts from labs in the past few years? I understand there aren’t that many facilities that handle Anthrax. Anyone out there know the details?

From what I’ve read, it’s extremely easy to get and grow anthrax. You know where the USSR got their first supply of spores for their biowarfare program? They ordered it mailorder from a U.S. science catalog. This is why so many bad guys have it.

What about Larry W. Harris, a Christian Identity white supremacist who was charged with mail fraud after procuring bubonic plague bacilli by mail?

He later was found to have cultivated anthrax, and had talked about releasing plague in NYC and blaming it on Iraq.

(The article is from 1998.)