Map programs on Visor PDA

I am turning to the folks of the dope to help me.

I am looking for a map program for my PDA. I have a Visor Deluxe and I have been trawling various sites (linked by some people here) looking fr a decent, cheap (or free) map program. I am looking for something which will show street names etc so that I can use it to help me find my way around. I am going to be moving to Detroit in the near future and I will need to have something to help me incase I get lost. Many of the things I have looked at do not have Detroit.

Any help or pointers for what is good or bad would be great.


You can save individual MapQuest searches/pages as a webpage if you use AvantGo, but the quality is somewhat crappy. (When you get zoomed in enough to read the street names you need, you’re looking at a very small area.) It’d be okay though if you know where you’re headed for the most part, but just need some details about intersections, etc. I had something downloaded at some point but the name escapes me and I deleted it because it was a really big hassle to load the maps, and they absolutely inhaled memory space.

I use Mapopolis for my m505 (Visor’s PalmOS, right?), and I really like it.

The software’s free, and there are 3 levels of detail in the maps. The free ones have streets and a few landmarks, and there are two levels of pay maps, which contain street numbers, restaurants/airpots/etc, and allows contiguous maps (based on counties) to be linked. I think it was around $30 for a year’s subscription to the mid-level maps, which allows unlimited downloads. I travel a lot, so this was particularly useful. There’s one higher level of map, but it’s primarily for GPS-enabled PDAs, IIRC. Oh, yes, the “premium” maps allow you to get directions from point-to-point, which isn’t as useful to me.

The map software sports pretty good features. It allows pan and zoom, street number lookup, and landmark finds (i.e., “show me all the Taco Bells in this area”).

I’ve got four or five counties loaded on my Palm, and maps+programs is taking up 1.3M memory.

Their website. Good luck.

Off to IMHO with you too.

If your city is listed, try Windingo. It is absolutely awesome for finding your way around (though only a few cities take part).