Mapping mud holes.

And making changes, just because we can.

I donno. Getting a little old and tired I guess.

One of the new projects I will help develop is tying in a GIS database and GPS for work orders downloaded into an SQL database for mapping trails maintenance.

Dirt trails.

An employee or volunteer walking a trail will collect the point with GPS, bring it back to the office, download the data. Upload the data to our GIS. Load it into our routing system. And an application that I will probably have to write and MAINTAIN (in an understaffed overworked office) will create a work order in a separate SQL database. The SQL database and the GIS database needs to be linked together with routing information, and then someone with a shovel will go fix it.

The SQL database will track this and spit out info about what needs to be done.

I think we should just take away the GPS and give them shovels.

Just because you can do this, does not mean that you should.

Yeah. I work for the GOV.