Mapping Software (or site) for Mexico?

Hello, helpful 'Dopers. Anyone know of any mapping software that specifically covers or includes Mexico? I don’t care about street level stuff like addresses; all of the major roads and highways would be sufficient. I’d settle for anything that runs on Mac/Windows/Unix, even an online source would be okay (but real software preferred).

I’ve searched Google, usenet, SDMB, several of the “big name” map places, Guia Roji, and haven’t found anything suitable, and very little mention of Mexico in any of them at all. What do all the RV’ers use, for example? Any ideas?


Try this

Geography Network -

“global community of data providers committed to making geographic content available and easy to publish online. Offers maps, satellite images, demographic data, and more.”

Thank you both. While not precisely what I was looking for, those are both great sites.

I still need something a little more oriented towards driving, though.

I found a Mexican road dataset here -

I downloaded it. It only has 750 features, so major roads only. I can turn it into a shapefile that can be viewed with ESRI’s ArcExplorer and email it to you if you like.

Also, you may want to look here

Go surf They are makers of ArcInfo, ArcView ArcExplorer etc. They have a free ArcExplorer download.

enipla, is there a free solution for viewing those? It seems like it might be the very thing I’m looking for!


Balthisar -

Yes, a the free viewer ArcExplorer is available at