I plan on running the Trigon Bay bridge Marathon on Oct. 20.

This is the inauguration of this race, and it will take place in Virginia Beach, and 14 miles of the course will be across the Chesepeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

Should be a lot of fun.

Any other runners around, I understand you can still sign up.

If I feel good I’ll also run the Harrisburg, PA Marathon on Nov 10.

Finally, I may have to go out to CA in the spring, and if I do I’ll try to run the LA marathon in March.

If anybody else here is doing any of these, let me know.

Wow, 14 miles on a bridge - sounds like fun - good luck!

BTW, I enjoyed your teemings article on the Screaming rage of Joy and Pain. I can relate.
(I used to post under a different name, 'case you don’t recognize me)


You mean you don’t want to run the martyrthon?

(Thanks for the fix)

I’m not doing one 'til next year, but I’m witcha Scyllababy!

Good luck - kick some serious butt!

I’m hoping to drive that bridge/tunnel some day, but I wish you the best as you run it. Too bad it’s not a weekend earlier - I could come cheer you on after I go to the Annapolis Sailboat Show. Sure hope there’s no hurricane that day!

Well, I’ll be riding it tomorrow, the other only time of the year when pedestrian traffic is allowed on the bridge. Here’s the official site. Good luck and have fun, Scylla.

I’m currently considering running the Motorola marathon in Austin, Texas. It’s in mid-February. Of course, I haven’t signed up yet. A group I run with on Saturdays may be getting a group together for it, which is why I’m considering it.

If that doesn’t pan out, I’ll probably pick something closer to home. I’d probably choose between Pacific Shoreline (last weekend in January) or the Los Angeles marathon.

So in other words, if the trip to Austin doesn’t pan out, I might be in the field with you at LA. But for gods sake it’s far too early for me to commit to doing any such thing… :slight_smile:

I have a horrible habit of reading OPs very quickly to see if anything catching my eye. I opened the thread because I had just been to the Chicago 1/2 marathon. I thought it was a running thread.

Then I read the OP quickly and read “…bridge marathon” and thought that Scylla was a huge card player and was holding a marathon bridge tournament. I thought, “Well, how…different…”

My best to you on the run, Scylla!


I’ve heard the Pacific shoreline is a pretty nice one.

Be sure and keep me posted if you’re going to do the LA one. So far the only doper I’ve run with is Airman Doors.

Hell, we’re going to Marathon tonight! AND tomorrow night!

Oh, you meant run. Sorry.

Good luck on your race! I’m training for my first marathon now, the Disney Marathon in Orlando this January. I’d invite others to participate, but the field’s been full since July (they cap the field at just 14,000 runners). I’m not normally a runner (I prefer triathlons, and the longest I’ve ever run before was only 10k), but I’m using the race as an off-season winter training goal because I really slacked off last winter and lost a lot of fitness. I’ll have a good endurance base when I get back into tri training in January.