March 2010 Weight Loss Thread

My starting weight on January 4th: 258.2
My February 1st Weight: 245.4
My current weight today: 235.6
My goal weight by March 27th: 232.4 (10% off of stpauler)

February was a bit of an odd month, I seemed to have hit my plateau a bit in weight loss but I’m still making good progress overall. In the 28 days, I made it to the gym 24 times and even got a friend to join with me. I am supposed to get a $50 bonus in extra gym activities and I’m thinking of using towards a VO2max testing (has anyone tried that?).

The diet has been going well for the most part. Cutting soda completely out of the intake is getting easier. Although, Saturday after gym I went out to a great local pizza joint (Broadway Pizza) and ordered a large thin crust artichoke and pineapple pizza and I was going to take half home. I learned my lesson after I ate the whole thing that that’s not going to happen again. Otherwise, I’ve been good about keeping my daily intake around 1800 calories.

How’s everybody else doing?

I got laid off on Friday, so I have more time for exercise and home cooking. Hopefully I’ll avoid the emotional eating. It’s still ski season, so I’ll be up north a lot and that makes eating well a bit problematic.

Last week I gained .2 lbs, looking for a better weigh in tomorrow.

Splurged big-time yesterday… we had friends over for dinner and I fixed a stir-fry while they brought two separate desserts… of which I partook heartily. I had eaten very lightly earlier though (just some oatmeal and a hard-boiled egg for brunch) so I think I managed to stay within my calorie limits. Hard to tell - I used some random calorie estimates from Spark People.

I’d been down a pound or two from a previous doctor’s visit before that, though. And… I think the gallbladder-removal sequelae may have eliminated any excess calorie absorption from dessert (and isn’t THAT more than you wanted to know, LOL). I see the doc again later this week so we’ll see how I do on their scale (my home scale is pretty much in line with theirs, but… I don’t weigh starkers at the doc’s office, LOL). I generally report the weight from there (i.e. fully clothed) into Sparkpeople.

I definitely find I do better if I’m tracking calories, one way or the other. If I ever get a smart-phone, I may go back to using the Weight Watchers online tools. They used to have a Palm Pilot application which was really great, but they discontinued that a couple years back… boo!!

I’m female, height 5’7".
Starting weight on April 7, 2009, at my first Weight Watchers meeting: 220.6
Weight this morning: 157.8 :smiley:
Official WW goal: 150
Real goal: 145

I’ve been on a plateau for the past ~2 months, bouncing around between 55 and 60 pounds lost. I think I’ll finally officially hit 60 pounds at tomorrow’s WW weigh-in.

I’d been saving my smaller clothes, hoping to fit into them someday. Last night I was trying on the last of them, and it appears that I have overshot my target – they’re all too big now. :smiley: I can keep some casual stuff for wearing around the house, “grub clothes,” etc., but most of it has to go.

I bought a size SMALL skirt at Target last week. :smiley:

Last night I tried on several of Mr. S’s old denim shorts that are too big for him (size 34 waist) and THEY FIT. (He’s 5’6" and 135# on a “fat” day, currently wearing a 30-31 waist.) :smiley: :smiley:

I can do 5K on my elliptical in less than 35 minutes, and will start hitting the pavement as soon as the temps hit 40 degrees. I’m signed up for a 5k in late April. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Life is pretty good. And Weight Watchers works! (My two friends I go with have lost 80 and 70 pounds, respectively. We’ve lost a whole fat person between the three of us!)

high-fives Scarlett67

Female - 30, 5’2"
January - 218
February 225 (:eek:)
March - 213.5 (:D)
My very strict diet seems to be working. I’ve eased off a tad. I found some hot chocolate with only 60 calories. That has really helped with the sweet cravings.

I’m still eating a lot of fruit and veg. I finished the box of ginger ale that was in the fridge, about 3 days ago. I haven’t gotten the last one from the garage yet.

I find myself not craving candy, pastries, etc., unless someone else mentions it. My sister is having fun torturing me with this. Of course, she can eat all the junk food she wants and never weighs more than 108 pounds.

I started crocheting two weeks ago. I wanted something to do with my hands while I was fighting the urge to boredom eat. Unfortunately, crocheting really hurts my elbows (bilateral tennis elbow) so I can’t do it very much. I’ve mostly used it as a fall back when I’m really, really bored. I made my mother a pink and purple pouch to hold her cell phone and stylus.

My goal for April is to weigh less than I do right now.

Scarlett67, that is wonderful! Congratulations!

Congrats on getting back on track!

Re the sister: Turn her into soup. You’d hardly even need to defat the stock ;).

Thanks, everybody!

Swiss Miss makes one that’s only 25 calories (zero WW points). Yeah, it’s not super-rich, but it works when I want something hot and chocolate-ish. :slight_smile: I usually doctor it with cinnamon, nutmeg, and/or a tiny splash of half-and-half (fat free if I have it).

I also rely on sugar-free Jell-O (also zero WW points!) for sweet cravings when I don’t have the points to spend.

That’s the key! My friend who’s lost 80 pounds swears by fiber now, eats high-fiber everything. I should buy stock in Fiber One thanks to her.

False economy! Get rid of it! I know they say diet soda can actually be a hindrance, but sometimes a Fresca is a big treat to me. And I drink plenty of plain water too.

I am thinking of a name for your sister. It starts with “B” and rhymes with “itch.” Seriously, ignore her passive-aggressive bullshit. What a turd.

Well, that’s pretty reasonable! You go, girl!

OK, it’s official as of tonight’s weigh-in: I’ve lost 62 pounds! Less than 9 to goal. :smiley:

Also, according to the BMI charts, I am NO LONGER OVERWEIGHT. Yeah baby!

That’s wonderful! Congratulations!

Wow Scarlett67! Inspiring!

I hit 10% weight loss (27.2 lbs) and now have 200 lbs in sight. And I ran 7.6 miles today.

:smiley: I deserve it. I’m the one who spent 9 months telling her she was getting fat.

She is actually very supportive and she is the first person to ask me what my new weight is on Mondays.

There are 3 body types in my family.

  1. Those like my sister. This is the majority of my family, both sides. Small frame, difficulty gaining weight.

  2. Small frame. Able to gain weight but also able to get rid of it (my mom, other sister, and a cousin).

  3. Me. Large frame, always fighting the weight even when on a good diet and active.

I used to hold this against my sisters, back in school when I was on the track team and color guard and drill team and ate healthy food - no junk food. This was while my sisters ate nothing but junk and never got any exercise.

I grew up. I realized that my sisters never once made fun of my weight and after shopping with my oldest sister, I learned that being a size 0 makes shopping just as hard as being a size 20. My sister would love to have more of a figure and even I have admitted that I have no desire to look like her. I’d rather look like my other sister, who currently weighs about 145 pounds. She has a great figure, other than her lack of boobs (which I have too much of).

And this is just as impressive!

No kidding! I’m still huffing and puffing through 5K (3.1 miles). I can’t imagine doing it at over 200#. (Unless Telemark is seven and a half feet tall. :smiley: ) I’m impressed too!

No, I’m 5’ 6" but fairly muscular and very active. Running is a new activity for me, but I hike, backcountry ski, and cycle so endurance sports aren’t new to me. Losing the weight so far has made running much easier on my knees, and I try to put as much of my run as possible on the dirt paths along the Charles River.

I’ve got a 31.5 mile day hike planned for this summer, and hopefully a half marathon as well. Big goals to keep me motivated.

I seem to be losing less weight. I was 156 pounds last I weigh myself (last week of Feb), and just a few days ago, was 155.6 pounds. I just hope it is because I am building up muscle mass because I am exercising.

The plus thing is I have been flu-free for the past two months! I used to fall sick every once two weeks - flu and cough and bowel problems.

My boss gave a treat today. Ended up eating more than I have bargained for. Alas.

Scarlett, congratulations! How’s it feel?

I lost 4 more pounds this week, putting my total weight loss so far at 70 pounds. I have so much farther to go, but have that much behind me. It’s amazing. I started Spinning at the gym this week, and the kids are in the kid’s gym 3 days a week. My husband is joining tomorrow.

Last Saturday, we had the time of our lives: while the kids went to their gym, I got to show my hubby around and we got some time on the exercise bikes. Then we all played basketball, and we taught the kids how to play pool. We finished off with walking a mile around the track. We all agreed that it was one of our best family outings ever. It was so much fun that we’re going back Saturday and doing it again!

I guess I don’t really need a personal thread,

So I’ll join the party here if ya don’t mind.

The weather finally got better. It was 47 yesterday and 49 today so the last of my excuses went away. I finally went and got some good supportive shoes, and set out from the driveway.

With my knees and current weight I’m only walking, but I walked a mile yesterday. and today I walked a mile in the morning, and another mile just now. :slight_smile:

I had psyched myself into thinking I had gotten so out of shape a mile was going to be a big struggle, but it wasn’t bad at all. I had a decent steady heart rate going, and got a bit of sweat worked up. I was mostly being careful for my feet, with new shoes and unemployed couch potato habits I don’t want to get blisters and wreck my progress and a whole new set of excuses. But I’m thinking I’m on pace by the end of summer to be a much healthier me

Oh, and I also got to enjoy a little bit of sun peeking through, which I have been missing. Yay for nice natural Vitamin D.

206, two pounds in the right direction. Slow and steady and all that. Eight pounds so far this year, if I can keep this up I won’t be too unhappy.