March Madness - It's time to slip on our Dancing Shoes

Well, conference tournaments are going on, selection Sunday is this weekend, and my Cowboys should be on the right side of the bubble! What are your thoughts as we head towards the weekend?

Anyone see the Texas A&M/Texas Tech game? :eek:

I can start a dope oriented pick-em somewhere if people are interested - where do y’all prefer?

Well, the Big XII tournament is taking place in [del]Oklahoma[/del] Upset City. Baylor knocks off Kansas.

After that win this morning, it looks my Minnesota Golden Gophers are dancing!

Siena College got in Monday night.

Oooh yeah, that stings. Oh well, it’s not like we’re out of the tournament with that loss. Most likely we just won’t get to play in Kansas City.

Texas survived KSU - the Big 12 north hasn’t won one yet in the tourney. Kinda crazy.

Somebody around here ran one on Yahoo last year. I’d certainly be interested if someone wants to start one up.

Arizona may miss the tournament for the first time in years. UA lost to ASU in their first game in the Pac 10 tournament. However, their name recognition may allow them to slip in especially since there will only be 3 SEC teams in.

From the Pac ten, ASU, Washington, UCLA, and Cal are all locks.

Crazy Syracuse - UConn game. 4th OT as I type this. I can’t see either team winning tomorrow.

Damn, I need to get some sleep.

5th OT now.

They need to institute penalty kicks or something.

THis is just laughable now.

OT #6.

So many players fouled out, they got walk-ons playing :slight_smile:

They’re at six overtimes, and really, I could see them hitting 10. UConn pulls ahead a little, Syracuse ties it up, UConn takes a final shot and misses, repeat ad exhaustium.


When the Orange took their first lead of the overtimes, I took it as a sign that they would win and they did. West Virginia should beat them tomorrow, though, Cuse will be so tired. This was an instant classic.

How about those two Syracuse players (Flynn and Harris) making all but one free throw? I don’t know if that’s just awesome training or courage under pressure or flat out luck, but it was pretty amazing to watch.

Almost as amazing as that same Harris getting repeatedly rejected by the rim, or by a Husky’s shadow, or by his own left arm, or…

Awesome game, though. Bring on the tournament!

Wow, wish I could have caught that. But I was watching Bedlam on TV as OSU beat OU (till I had to work then got updated via text)

Joyous rantin within

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Blake Griffin gets the goddamn foul on James Anderson for the game winning FTs with 2.3 seconds left. Hope you enjoyed seeing what kinda reffing you’ll see in the tourney punk - that 3 fouls in the whole game when you’re always over the back thing won’t fly out there punk! And then you failed on the last second shot. The look of shock that they would dare whistle you is perfection.

And Kentucky fans? Back off. Ford is ours. I’ll be there for revenge against Mizzou tomorrow night!

Oh, hello. Anyways, the Big East Tourney is turning out to be pretty epic. Yesterday in particular - started off with Villanova’s buzzer beater of Marquette, to WVU laying the beats on Pitt, to a 6 OT instant classic.

WVU coach Bob Huggins said that it would be easier to make the NCAA Final Four than to win the Big East Tournament. His path could have been Notre Dame, Pitt, Uconn, then Louisville. Seton Hall had the nearly impossible task of winning 5 games in 5 days. They didn’t, of course, but it would have been the stuff of legends.

Yeah, that OU-OSU game was crazy, especially with the clock not starting on that last inbound.

And of course as a Jayhawk fan, I naturally have to root against Missouri tonight. :smiley:

I sure hope so! I would LOVE to see my Mountaineers win tonight…hopefully not in 6 OTs, though. It’s a 9 pm game, and I have to get up early for work Saturday morning.

Theoretically, this is going to be a very weird tourney. Take a look at the top 12 teams in the rankings (a lame attempt at somewhat assuming the top 3 seeds in each bracket).

  1. North Carolina (23) 27-3 767
  2. Pittsburgh (5) 28-3 740
  3. Memphis (3) 28-3 702
  4. Connecticut 27-3 679
  5. Louisville 25-5 659
  6. Michigan State 25-5 608
  7. Oklahoma 27-4 592
  8. Duke 25-6 545
  9. Wake Forest 24-5 532
  10. Washington 24-7 466
  11. Kansas 25-6 444
  12. Gonzaga 25-5 426

I can make a case for every one of these teams making the final 4 with the right match-ups and I can make a case for every one of these teams losing in an upset in the first round. Forget the 4 #1 seeds making it last year. I think this year the total seeding of the final 4 teams will add up to greater than 17.

I’m somewhat surprised that my alma mater, Pitt, landed a #1 seed. I really thought that their first round Big East Tourney loss to WVU, a team they beat twice in the regular season, was going to hurt them.

Also, I figured either Memphis or Duke did enough by winning their respective conference tournaments to grab it.