Marijuana and hard contact lenses

About 20 years ago, when I was wearing hard contact lenses and smoking a lot of marijuana, I noticed that sometimes after removing my contact lenses I could still see clearly. I am very near-sighted (-7) and cannot normally see anything at all clearly without contacts. But, on several occaisions, when I was very stoned, I could remove my contacts and see just fine .
How could that be ?

W.A.G: You weren’t seeing all that clearly because of the drug. Taking the contacts out made no noticeable difference.

You thought you were still seeing well, when you were actually still seeing just as unwell.

Clear as mud?

No, without contacts I cannot normally see beyond the end of my nose. But, on those few occaisions I was able to watch television or whatever else I wanted to do without my contacts. I do remember reading in the past that marijuana reduces pressure in the eyes, and also that hard contact lenses can temporarily reshape the shape of the eyes lens. I was hoping for more info or other peoples similar experiences.