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I live in the state of New Jersey is there a way to find out if my ex-husband married his girlfriend?

Why would you care? He’s your ‘ex’-husband. There’s no reason, other than masochism, to seek out additional pain for yourself. My advice is to leave it alone and move on with your life.

Did you misplace your earlier thread?

But, I find replies like this to not really be useful or appropriate, and would prefer to see direct answers to the question.

Maybe. In NJ, marriage licenses are not public documents. You can go to the town clerk’s office in the town where the marriage took place (not necessarily where the bride or groom live) and request a copy of a marriage license; but you would have to show proof that you have a reason to request it (for instance, if you wanted your mother’s marriage certificate, you’d have to show your birth certificate showing your mother’s name on it, to prove that you had a good reason for wanting it). IANAL, but it seems that you would really have no standing to request it as a non-relative.

Of course, if they ran off to Vegas and got married there, there would be no record of that marriage in NJ (although NJ would recognize the marriage legally).

In NJ, there is no requirement for a municipality to publish marriages. Putting a wedding/marriage announcement in the paper is optional for the couple. So, you might be able to Google your ex’s name to see if a wedding announcement comes up, if they did that.

Other documents are public, however, like tax records; you can go to the tax assessor’s office to see if your ex has put his girlfriend’s name on the house (if he owns one), but that would not prove whether or not they are actually married.

You could try Facebook or other means - but I agree with posters above that it’s really not your business anymore if he’s your ex.

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